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Stay At Home. Live-in Care Is The Perfect Alternative To Care Home

Choose Home Instead - Live In Care

We know many people would choose to stay in the comfort of their home rather than packing up and moving to a residential care home. Live-in care enables people to remain living in the familiar surroundings of their home with the help and support they need to remain independent.

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is when a trained and vetted domiciliary carer lives in your own home, enabling you to stay independent and provide the support and care you require. They are on hand throughout the day and the night, however they will of course need to take breaks throughout their stay to be able to carry on providing excellent care to their clients.

Livein care is the perfect alternative to moving into a residential home and is becoming more popular - people requiring care choose to stay at home. Live in care offers a more independent life being able to carry on with daily tasks, involvement in your local community, and hobbies. Live-in care also enables couples to stay together, and the ability to keep your beloved pets which your living in carer can help look after.

Dad liked that his carer would bring him a cup of tea in the morning to bed, help him get dressed and ready for the day, and make him his favourite breakfast.

Who might benefit from live-in care?

Live-in care will benefit you if you require:

  • Companion care

  • Help with washing & dressing

  • Medication prompts

  • Nutritious home cooked meals

  • Housekeeping & laundry

  • Helping to look after pets

  • Mobility support

  • Shopping and day trips out

  • Attending social days and community events

For people living with Alzheimer's and dementia, or those who can get easily confused, live-in care is a good option as they will be able to stay in familiar surroundings and reduce the stress of moving somewhere new where they will have to adapt and change their routines.

If you have fallen or are recovering from an illness or operation, live in care can offer a short term carer to help you for a few weeks. Respite live-in care relives the usual caregiver and enables them to have a break and recharge, with peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe and looked after.

How to arrange live-in care

There are several ways you can arrange to have live-in care to help you remain living at home rather than going into a residential care home - we have outlined the most common ways below:

Arrange Private Live-in Care: You can arrange private live-in care on your own by advertising for the type of carer you need. You would then be the 'employer' and responsible for paying your live-in carers' Tax and National Insurance contributions as well as their wages.

Arrange Care Through a Live-in Care Agency: An introductory live-in care agency (like us!) are here to help you find the perfect live-in carer - you will pay us a registration fee to find you a carer, and an agency fee so our team can check in and ensure everything is running smoothly, and arrange cover when the carer needs a break. Our carers are self-employed and you manage and pay for their services directly. Our livein carers are responsible for paying their own tax and NI contributions.

Arrange Care Through a Company: Companies employ their live-in carers and fully manage the care service they give you. Carers are employed by companies who provide their training, and find cover for when carers need a break.

When choosing to go with an introductory live-in care agency or a live in care company you have a bigger selection of carers who are likely to have similar interests to you and have the skills and experience required to provide the type of care you need. You will also have a dedicated team of people at the end of the phone who can provide support to both clients and carers, and a team who operate 24hrs a day in case of an emergency.

It's important to pick an experienced and trained carer if you are living with a medical condition or need specialist care. Our live-in care agency will help you to choose the right carer for YOU - we work closely with clients and their families to ensure peace of mind and happiness for everyone involved. You can call our friendly livein care specialists on 0800 980 3958 (freephone) or contact us through our website.


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