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Silhouette of disabled client holding hands with live in carer outside against the sunset

Holiday Care & Holiday Companionship

You know what they say…. A change is as good as a holiday. Whilst we agree, we all feel that holidays are an essential part of life. So, whether you fancy a change of scene in the UK or a cruise around the world (it has happened, two lucky carers cruised the world with one of our lovely clients), we are here to find you a perfect travel companion. If you are a couple and care for your other half, taking a holiday live-in carer with you will have the added benefit of allowing you some down-time as well.

Carer supported holidays are becoming increasingly popular. Many didn’t realise they were even possible. Trust us, live-in carers love travelling with their clients! Planning for any trip takes time, from research to essentials shopping, packing to the physical travel, all elements need consideration. A Holiday live-in Carer can help with it all. In fact, that’s half the fun.

First question is where you want to go:

  • Beach

  • City

  • Countryside

  • UK

  • Abroad

  • Cruise

  • Disneyland

Next how to do you want to get there:

  • Plane

  • Train

  • Bus

  • Ferry/Ship


Now here’s a quick checklist to help with research should you wish to start planning:

  • Medication (you’ll need enough to travel with and to check you can travel with them)

  • Mobility Equipment

  • Accessibility (covering a wide scope from transport, activities, accommodation, public amenities even)

  • Travel Insurance for you and your Holiday Carer


Whether you are frail/elderly or a young adult with a complex care need, everyone deserves a holiday, and a holiday live-in carer makes this entirely possible. Able to assist with all their ‘day-to-day care duties’ they can also help with:

  • Booking restaurants and activities

  • Helping care for you during travel on the plane/ship/bus

  • Showing Documents at passport control

  • Speaking to local healthcare professionals should the need arise


There are many fabulous holiday companies that specialise in holidays for people with disabilities, offering:

  • Disabled-friendly hotels

  • Wheelchair-accessible excursions

  • Accessible accommodation

  • Advice – links to disabled travel insurance


They firmly believe that people can travel without limits, and we are inclined to agree!

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