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Elderly lady reading in pretty garden with convalescent  home carer

Convalescent Live-in Care

Convalescent care is provided by professional, qualified carers for a short amount of time. We can arrange a convalescent Carer for a minimum of one week to however many weeks are needed.

Convalescent Care is for people who need some help in the short-term to regain their full independence. Live-in convalescent care offers the best way to recuperate after an operation or illness. Post-operative rehabilitation care in your own home provided by a qualified Live-in Carer.

Helping you get you back on your feet

Perfect to help get you back on your feet following a hospital admission or an operation. A Live-in Carer can stay as long as he/she is needed. From a few days to weeks or even months. Your Live-in Carer will be willing to do whatever you need to help you heal and get back to normal.

If you're recovering from surgery, you might feel mentally drained and physically challenged on your return from hospital. Rehabilitation following an operation can be too much for a relative or loved one to help with. Some people may well require extensive care from a professional Live-in Carer with experience in convalescent care.

Recovering in the familiar surroundings of your own home

Recovering in the familiar surroundings of your own comfortable home is ideal and will aid recovery. With a routine you're used to and an environment you know, you’ll feel more at ease. Convalescent Live-in Carers help to do just that: keep you safe, comfortable, and on the road to recovery at home.

Live-in Carers are trained professionals who will look after you or your relative continuously in their own home. They can support with tasks such as re-dressing wounds, liaising with doctors and nurses, preventing infection, and administering medication.


They will also help with chores around the house and making nutritious home cooked meals. A Live-in Carer will bring you or your loved one a cup of tea in bed and do the shopping. A convalescent carer will look after pets, help with dressing/undressing, and so much more. Live-in Carers will also help to keep in touch with your family whether this is through FaceTime or Skype, or host face to face visits.

Emotional support and companionship whilst you recover

Convalescent Live-in Carers also offer emotional support and companionship whilst you recover, which is a very important part of keeping high morale. They can read you your favourite newspapers and books, watch films and TV with you, and be there when you're in the mood for a chat.


We match clients to Carers with similar interests and beliefs so a true bond can be made, and you can enjoy doing things together.

The NHS is stretched to its limit. arranging Live-in Care really does help. Not only do you benefit from individual one-to-one care, but the care is available at any time you need it. Day or night, your convalescent Live-in Carer will be on hand to help and support you.

Arranging convalescent care is easy and able to be done at short notice.


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Post-Operative Care At Home

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Post-Operative Care At Home - How Does Live-in Care Help?

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