The Access Care team

We are a small, happy team. Combined we have over 90 years (!) of experience in the homecare and recruitment industries. Couple this with degrees, certificates, qualifications, big hearts, common sense and a drive to ensure our service surpasses expectation and we are the Access Care office team.


Managing Director

Tiggy (Judie's daughter) leads the company through her strategic planning and organisational skills. At home, Tiggy loves anything and everything to do with fashion

and theatre, even taking to the stage

herself sometimes!



Judie is our Director & Non-Executive Chair. She founded Access Care in 1994. Her vision remains to enable people to access live-in care of the highest standard with the trade mark Access Care finishing touches. Judie is known for her smile and caring nature.


Head of Operations

Melanie has a firm handle on all our Live-in Care clients and carers and her paperwork has a pleasurable touch of OCD to it (or CDO to put it alphabetically)! Mel’s guilty pleasure is handbags and she is the handbag equivalent of Imelda Marcos.


Client Relationship Manager

Suzanne's role is to look after our clients, and she leads our Client Relationship team. When not working Suzanne enjoys walking in the countryside and exploring new places. Her ultimate pleasure is spending quality time in a local Health Spa and indulging in the occasional spa treatment.


Client Relationship Consultant

Jo has 18 years care experience in various fields including elderly care, dementia care, adults with physical disabilities and fostering children with disabilities. Jo has a young family and when she's not working she can be found outside walking her dog in the local park, cycling, or on her allotment.


Client Relationship Consultant

Kathy is our Client Relationship Consultant who specialises in looking after clients with complex care needs. When not working Kathy enjoys spending time with her sons and grandchildren, going to watch live band, and enjoying her biggest passion - going on holiday!


EA to Managing Director

Shelbie is Tiggy's EA/PA and works closely with her to enable her to acheive her goals. When she’s not at work she enjoys spending the weekend fishing and online shopping, maybe a little too much!


Bookings Consultant

Jess is our bookings consultant, ensuring our Carers arrive where they are booked. In her spare time, Jess loves to cook for family and friends, using ingredients from her garden and local producers. To wind down after a busy day, Jess likes nothing more than to curl up on the sofa with her two Border Collies and watch a good movie.



Tanya is our Bookkeeper who comes from sunny Abkhazia, a small country situated on the Black Sea coast. She ensures our financial admin is kept up to date and things are running smoothly.

In her spare time, Tanya likes baking, knitting, and spending time on sunny beaches with her family and collie!


Recruitment Consultant

Emma spends her days scrutinising papers and making sure all the boxes are ticked. Emma is bubbly, vivacious and serious fun and has a toddler to keep her extra busy!


Freelance Digital Media Manager

Lana is our Freelance Digital Media Manager helping with social and digital communication. With a love for analytics and an eye for visual aesthetics, she creates fun and engaging content. When not working, she can be found walking her Bassador in the countryside, or cooking up a feast in the kitchen!

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