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Reasons To Choose Access Care

When researching Live-in Care, you may be surprised by the number of companies offering the service. We believe that finding the right one is rather like looking around a new home and ‘feeling’ it’s the perfect fit for you.

We’d suggest you phone a few and just talk to them. The one that makes you feel at ease, that you feel really listened to (not just heard), and the one that offered you what ‘you’ are looking for (not what they offer) is the one to go for.

You’ll come across two ‘types’ of Live-in Care service delivery, both of which can be fabulous, again it really is horses for courses! Although every business operates to their own unique methods, here we seek to explain the two ‘models of live-in care’ to help make it a little clearer for you.

Managed Live-in Care Company

A fully managed live-in care company quite literally ‘manages’ the care being provided by a Live-in Carer employed by them. Like any other ‘employer’ the company is therefore responsible for the training, supervision, performance of the carer and will take complete responsibility for his/her conduct.


Live-in Care companies that offer ‘managed’ care are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and we would advise you to read their latest report which you will find on the CQC website. ‘Managed’ Carers will work following strict instruction for a care plan, written by the company. Any changes are required to be re-drafted in the plan making the model less flexible than that of an introductory agency. Due to employment overheads, this type of Live-in Care will often be more expensive.

Introductory Live-in Care Agency (which is us!)

An ‘Introductory’ Live-in Care Agency sources, recruits and introduces a Live-in Carer to you that is registered wit HMRC as ‘self-employed.’ So much like engaging a plumber or a cleaning lady, they will come to you for a period and provide a service to you that you require. ‘Introductory’ agencies can recruit specifically for you, sourcing a Live-in Carer that perfectly matches your wishes and needs in every aspect.


Without the overheads of ‘employing’ live-in carers, this ‘model’ of live-in care is less expensive. This model of care allows you to be in complete control of the support and care given at any time throughout the day so it affords the ultimate level of flexibility on the market.

We listen to our clients. We understand that every client is unique, and every situation is different. It is through positive recommendation and regular glowing testimonials that we know we deliver a quality service with a uniquely personal touch that our clients love. They tell us they choose Access Care because we are “responsive”, “efficient”, “polite” and “open”. We use a combination of expertise and common sense to tailor-make each care package. We love to make things easy for you; to take away the pressure of your situation; to introduce care workers that establish the care package that really works for you and your family. Most of all, we work hard to find you a solution.

As a private introduction agency our clients experience great advantages over other models of live-in care. The way we operate affords ultimate flexibility coupled with the very best levels of continuity at truly cost-effective prices. Our recruitment processes are second-to-none and our care workers are required to refresh and enhance their training regularly to maintain their registration.


We meticulously manage each introduction promising seamless cover, and continually review our service acting responsively as and when necessary.

Our personable office team are a combination of experts in the fields of homecare, recruitment, and training; as well as being friendly, courteous, and attentive. We are, most of all, human. We operate with our heads and our hearts.

We believe we have many other strings to our bow that stand us apart from our competitors too; we are family run with a strong succession plan in place to ensure we will be with you as long as you need us. We can offer our clients a one-week care trial, a perfect opportunity to see if live-in care is the right option for them. We regularly provide both short and long-term care solutions and are typically able to start a care package within 24hrs should you need urgent help. On the end of the phone 24/7, we are here to provide our clients with an exemplary service.

If you are looking for a care agency that is run by a management team with substantial experience as well as good old fashioned common sense; you’ve found us.


15 x More reasons to choose Access Care

to arrange Live-in Care:

1. We have a Customer Loyalty Program

2. You can use us for a little as one week and just have a trial to see if Live-in Care is right for you and your family

3. We genuinely care!

4. We have been doing this, and doing it well, since 1994

5. We have a positive mindset and an optimistic outlook

6. We are a private, family-run business with old-fashioned morals

7. We are well-positioned in the marketplace both in terms of price and value

8. We can introduce a Carer within 24/48hrs in an emergency and often manage ‘same day’ introductions

9. You’ll have a dedicated Client Relations Consultant to guide and support you throughout your journey with us

10. We are on the phone 24/7 should you need us

11. You’ll have unlimited access to the team’s expertise & contacts

12. We offer a truly personal service, paying close attention to detail with excellent levels of customer service

13. The way our service works offers the very highest levels of continuity in the Carers on the market

14. To enjoy the rewards of our ‘Care to Share’ scheme when you recommend us

15. We write regular emails and blogs bursting with news, advice, & some light-hearted relief to help and

hopefully bring a smile to our whole community.

Meet one of our dedicated Client Relationship Consultants - Jo
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