Couples live-in care

It’s heart-breaking to think that a couple, who have often been married and together for decades will be separated because of care needs. What’s even more heart-breaking is that often, they don’t have to be, and if they only knew of the choices available to them, they could have stayed together for the rest of their life.

We keep couples together by arranging professionally qualified and expertly trained carers that will live-in the home to support and care for one or both as and when needed.

‘Live-in care’ is, without a doubt, the preferred choice for couples who need help to live in their home. Costing far less that the equivalent of two beds in a care home, live-in care for couples is cost efficient and therefore represents excellent value for money. In many cases one Carer can support a couple, especially where one’s needs are greater than the other. In situations where both parents/relatives need a greater level of care two Carers can be introduced to work together to provide the required homecare and support and in extreme and occasional services we can even arrange three Carers in cases where a person or couple need constant supervision and possible support. 

After years of a wonderful and loving marital relationship, one half of a couple may feel uncomfortable supporting/being supported by the other with personal care (washing, dressing, helping to use the loo), and this is perfectly acceptable and deserves no feeling of guilt. A professional live-in carer takes this element of care from the couple, enabling them to retain dignity and privacy. 

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Helping by prompting to take medication at the correct times, remember important Doctor, Dentist, Hospital & other appointments and encouraging to exercise if possible, as well as keep the mind stimulated, all equate to the holistic care a live-in carer can provide.


Not just a carer, our wonderful ladies & gents help couples to keep on top of the home too, and can perform a variety of tasks as wished for including, but not limited to:

  • Food shopping

  • Nutritious/diet specific diets

  • Dusting & vacuuming

  • Changing bed linen

  • Washing & ironing

  • Feeding & walking pets

  • Helping with the garden

  • Correspondence

  • Making & accompanying to appointments

A Live-in Carer becomes a companion and a friend to converse with, laugh with, to attend family celebrations with, so there is no need to miss weddings, christenings and big birthdays. Someone there to help settle down for the night feeling warm, safe, secure, comfortable and not alone.

Sometimes one partner will have physical disabilities with more complex care needs and so require assistance with bed mobility and transfers, hoisting, assistance through the night, advanced personal care e.g. changing catheter bags, PEG feeding, stoma care, administering medication and assisting with Inhaler/Oxygen/Nebuliser. Live-in home-carers work in conjunction with DRs/DNs/OTs/Care Managers/Physios etc. and will liaise with them regularly if required, to provide the very best care to their client.

The benefits are endless and the chance to be together forever is priceless. Couples Live-in care is the choice and we are here to arrange it for you.

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