Respite Live In Care For Elderly

Respite Care At Home

Respite Care / Urgent Care is a short period of rest or relief from something difficult. Respite care means taking a break from caring for your loved-one, whilst the person you care for is supported and looked after by someone else.

Recruiting a Live-in Carer will enable you to arrange respite homecare for the elderly or for a young adult or anyone in between here. Respite care is a short-term care solution used as an alternative to your usual care plans. Whether you are a family member looking after a relative, or you have a live-in carer, a break is necessary for you or them to be able to provide the best quality care.

As experts in our field we understand that caring for a loved one full-time will, at some point result in physical and emotional consequences for the family carer which can be overwhelming.


It is not only fully acceptable to take a much needed break, but it is also proven to be immensely beneficial to the health and well-being of the family member or carer; and so in turn will result in better quality of care for the person in need of full-time support.

Live-in respite care at home provides much needed companionship and friendship, along with looking after more complex needs of a person needing 24-hour care. Live-in carers can cook nutritious home-cooked meals, accompanying to social and family events, enjoy hobbies together, be a friend who listens, helps look after pets, and provides care support.

Respite homecare can be planned, or arranged when an emergency arises. Many of our clients book regular respite care weeks with us (e.g. 1 in 8) where we will introduce a care worker to either cover the family carer while they go away or work with them to alleviate some of the daily chores and enable them to quite literally catch their breath and take some much needed time out.  

Our clients who book regular respite care weeks benefit from the same rates as our 'on-going' clients and many are fortunate enough to have the same care worker return regularly so the transition is smoother all round.  

For further information please call us on 01264 319 399 to receive a quote to understand the cost of respite care at home. 

Rapid Response Care

Our Rapid Response Service aims to arrange for a live-in carer to be with you within 24hrs.

Do you need a care solution urgently? We can help. We have a team of Rapid Response Carers and therefore the capacity to arrange for a carer to be with your/your relative quickly as the need arises.

Some reasons why we are called upon for rapid response/emergency care may be:

    •    Short notice hospital discharge

    •    A fall/accident reducing mobility

    •    You have been let down by a current care provider

    •    Family carer needs to go away at short notice

    •    Unexpected / unplanned illness or incident

    •    Exhaustion! 

Life is full of surprises and let's face it, they aren't always welcome. Occasionally the best laid plans will unravel and families find themselves in urgent need of a helping hand. In the industry, we call this Emergency Care / Urgent Care or Rapid Response Care.

We are here for you and have over 25 years of experience under our belts leaving us extremely well qualified to react quickly, efficiently and without fuss to find you a carer to relieve the situation.

Our large pool of care workers ensures that we can introduce a carer often within 24 hours and certainly within 48.

Ann V

"Providing 24hr respite care at home for my husband for the first time has been a learning curve, but Access Care from the start have been very understanding and supportive of my concerns. I felt they were always in the background should either the client or carer need support. My husband was matched with the ideal 24 hour carer who was excellent and coped extremely well. I would certainly use Access Care in the future and would recommend them without hesitation should the need for 24hr care at home arise."