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About Access Care Live-in Care Agency

A family run business for over 30 years.

We were one of the first private live-in care agencies in the country.

Judie Tighe & Tiggy Bradshaw - Access Care March 2024 (1).jpg

Tiggy Bradshaw (left)  and Judie Tighe (right)

Access Care was started in 1994 by owner Judie Tighe when she realised there was a real problem in the live-in homecare market. Having witnessed the difficulties her mother had finding help for her father following a hospital admission, she made it her mission to transform the process of organising live-in care so those people who need it and those family members who arrange it have access to a courteous, efficient and safe service.


Today, her original vision for the company has passed from mother to daughter and is now run by Tiggy Bradshaw and a handpicked team, all of whom take a personal interest in each and every carer and client.


We are small enough to pay attention to the finer details, yet big enough to provide you with an exceptional service.

We love what we do.

We are a happy, honest, reliable team at Head Office in Goodworth Clatford, Hampshire that recruit and introduce Live-in Carers to people across the UK. We are a team of live-in care recruitment specialists, consummate live-in homecare professionals, customer service experts and people who truly care.

We know it's about trust and dedication.


The legacy of our continued success is the wealth of wisdom, experience and traditional values which underpin our day-to-day operations. When you register as a client with Access Care to find your perfect live-in carer we know you are placing your trust in us.


This trust, and our dedication to improving the quality of life for your loved one are what inspires us to provide exceptional customer service and the most satisfying experience possible. We are particular about who we represent both from a client and candidate perspective as we want to ensure roles are long-lasting and relationships enduring.


Our orchid brand.

Throughout history, many cultures believed in the healing and protective properties of the orchid. The Victorians displayed them like treasures symbolising luxury and refined taste. Still today, the flower carries an unrivalled suggestion of gentility and sophistication, and manages to retain its association with very special occasions.


Prized for their longevity and durability, it is our kinship to the aforementioned qualities that has led us to encompass this beautiful flower as the symbol of Access Care.

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