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Graphic of pink ambulance on blue background representing emergency 24 hour live in care

Emergency Rapid Response Live-in Care in 24hrs

Life is full of surprises and let's face it, they aren't always welcome. Occasionally the best laid plans will unravel, and families find themselves in urgent need of a helping hand.


In the industry, we call this Emergency Care / Urgent Care or Rapid Response Care.

Some reasons why we are called upon for rapid response / emergency care may be:

A fall/accident reducing mobility

According to the NHS “Around 1 in 3 adults over 65 and half of people over 80 will have one fall a year”. Whilst most do not result in a serious injury, there are those that do lead to broken bones.


A fall can lead to a lack of confidence and a feeling of lack of independence. A Rapid Response Live-in Carer can move in at short-notice, help rehabilitate and literally get you back on your feet. The beauty of it, they can stay as long as it takes too.

Unexpected / unplanned illness or incident

There are many reasons people arrange rapid-response Live-in Care. For our elderly clients we have been asked to find a Live-in Carer to help in the following circumstances:

  • Grieving – when a spouse passes away social and emotional support is needed. Someone to take care of the house while our client comes to term with the passing of a loved one. An ear, an arm, a heart to understand. Family members are not always around to help, so an emergency Live-in Carer can step in and help support.

  • Illness – from a grotty cold to a UTI (Urinary tract infection), recovering from a round of cancer treatment to the long-term effects of coronavirus. Whatever it is, a rapid response emergency Carer can help.  


Unplanned hospitalisations can be burdensome for any aged person. They seriously disrupt continuity of care and whilst often unavoidable can be eased with proper care in place to come home to.


Although arrange an emergency Carer won’t change what happens in hospital, they can be engaged during a hospital stay to visit regularly and ensure the home is kept up together and ready for discharge.



Short notice hospital discharge

The NHS are stretched to capacity and bed-blocking is most definitely a problem. We’ve known hospitals call us in desperation to support someone to go home and be cared for. Absolutely we can help.


It’s understandable that if you need financial support from social services this will inevitably take time. They will arrange a discharge assessment to find out what help you need when you go home. ‘Intermediate care, reablement or aftercare’ are what they call this service, and it can be free for up to six weeks.


It would consist of ‘Hourly Carers’ visiting through the day and a combination of other professionals as needed (E.g., Physio). If you would like to go home quickly, you can arrange your own care and engaging a rapid-response Live-in Carer is perfect in this instance. Providing one-to-one, round-the-clock care as you need it, not when a Carer visits.


You have been let down by a current Live-in care provider

Let’s be honest, unplanned and unexpected things happen and on occasion your current Live-in Care provider (if you have one) may have to let you down. If this happens, emergency care from Access Care could be the perfect solution. Happy to step in and help at short notice, our rapid response team are often able to find you a Carer the same/next day.

Family Carer needs to go away at short notice

We often step in when a family Carer must go away at short notice. If they need to go to hospital themselves, become poorly or must attend to the children, an unplanned event, or any reason. A Live-in Carer can step in during any emergency to care for a loved one in your absence.



Whether it is respite that is much needed if you are a Carer yourself or feel flat and need a hand. Don’t let exhaustion take you down. There is a solution, and it is rapid-response Live-in Care.

We are here for you and have over 25 years of experience under our belts leaving us extremely well qualified to react quickly, efficiently and without fuss to find you an emergency Live-in Carer to relieve the situation.

Do you need a Live-in Carer urgently? We can help.

Our short-term rapid response service is for you. We have a team of Rapid Response Carers and therefore the capacity to arrange for a Carer to be with your/your relative quickly as the need arises, often the same/next day.

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