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How To Recruit & Arrange A Live-in Carer

Call Us - We Recruit on Your Behalf - We Send You A Selection of Carers to Choose From - You Select - We Introduce​

That’s it in a nutshell and sometimes the process can be that quick (within 24/48hrs should you need a Carer urgently). The ethos behind a recruitment agency is that we make the process of hiring a Live-in Carer easy for you. We do the hard work for you, that is what you pay us for. Our friendly consultants ensure the process of arranging a Live-in Carer is straight-forward and effortless. We listen, respond, and communicate efficiently to ensure we provide a service that will suit you and your timescale.

​Call Us

Just as we spend time getting to know the candidates on our books, we also want to get to know the person they will care for and their families too. Whether we meet in person, over Zoom, or we have a good conversation over the phones, we will listen to you, take the time to understand your wishes and needs.

We will explain how we operate and in a casual, friendly, and unobtrusive manner gather the necessary information required so that we can begin the recruitment process to arrange a Live-in Carer. 

​We Recruit on Your Behalf

Our candidates are all 'self-employed,' and they are as unique as our clients; with their own personality traits and beliefs, yet united by a common purpose – to improve the quality of life for the people they look after. We not only care about our Clients but genuinely care about our carers too and they are considered very much part of our family. Many of them have been with us for over a decade and that makes us immensely proud.


We are fastidious about our recruitment process and no carer is registered unless they meet every one of our specific criteria. We check:

  • Identification

  • Verify references

  • Obtain criminal record checks (both UK and abroad if applicable)

  • Explore employment histories

  • Verify given qualifications

  • Assess training levels

  • Interview face-to-face

  • Assess language skills and comprehension

  • Spend time getting to know each of our carers allowing their personality to shine

We want to know who they really are - we talk to them about their hobbies and interests, their family, education, background, likes and dislikes, cooking, and housekeeping skills and basically what makes them tick. Our Live-in Carers are not only wonderful people, but to qualify to be introduced to Access Care clients they are required to re-register with the agency every two years. This way we ensure our clients can select from a pool of stringently vetted and recently trained carers.

Our Carers are trained in all manner of subjects and all have different skills and attributes. All training certificates they present to us are verified so we are sure we are presenting the very best Carers to you.

Examples of the training/skills they may have:

  • Person Centred Care 

  • Infection Control 

  • Health & Safety

  • Safeguarding 

  • Food Hygiene & Nutrition 

  • Medication Management

  • Moving & Handling

  • First Aid with CPR & DNR (Do Not Resuscitate Orders) 

  • Understanding Alzheimer's & Dementia 

  • Mental Capacity 

  • End of Life Care 

  • Advanced Personal Care

  • Neurological Conditions Awareness

  • Brain Injury Care Awareness 

  • NVQs in Health & Social Care

  • Nursing Degrees


Many of our Carers are professional ladies and gentlemen with extensive careers before they become Carers which makes them even more fascinating and diverse. To name but a few, we have Estate Agents, Architects, Police Officers, Teachers, Scientists, Beauticians and even those with degrees in Geodesy, English and all manner of subjects.

We Send You A Selection of Carers to Choose From

We literally sit together and go through our pool of Carers to hand-pick a selection to present to you for consideration. No fancy computer system, just us, with our heads and hearts! We select those we think will be right for you and will send you their ‘Carer Profile’ (like a CV) from which you can make an informed decision as to whether to engage them or not. Should you wish to chat to them you may of course.

You select & we introduce

We ensure all the ‘nitty gritty’ is worked out, we make the formal arrangements and your Carer arrives to start work as and when you wish.

When your Carer decides to take a break or move on, simply let us know and the process starts again.

Live In Carer Helping Elderly Client

One of our unique selling points is that our service offers the opportunity for high levels of continuity; we especially look for carers who are willing to stay with their clients for a good number of weeks at a time, and then return too.

Experience has taught us, and indeed our clients tell us, that continuity of care is of paramount importance to them.

Our Clients who have ‘long-term’ care are often settled with just 2 or 3 regular carers (each of whom the client has chosen) who rotate with each other through the year. We are delighted to say that some have had the same small team for over a decade! We are extremely proud of this fact and always strive to achieve this goal.

The office is constantly working hard to ensure we have available and suitable Carers for you to choose from. As care continues you will be offered a dedicated member of our team to be your main point of contact. They will contact you as often as you wish and regularly speak to your relative and their Carer too. They are on the end of the phone to troubleshoot if necessary, advise and become another trusted point of contact and companion to you and your loved one. ​

Things to consider when hiring a Live-in Carer

There are a few practicalities to consider prior to arranging Live-in Care as follows:

Preparing the home 

Our Carers are mindful that they are coming to support your relative in their home and know that everywhere they stay is different. Having a carer live in your home is much like preparing for a guest to stay. 

Spare Room

A Carer will need their own bedroom with sets of bed linen & towels, suitable storage for their clothes and belongings and access to a bathroom. If their bedroom has a television then that’s a bonus, but not essential. Wi-Fi too is preferred but again not essential. 

Travel Costs

Our Carers do not expect to be reimbursed for their travel.


Our carers are encouraged to make meal times a sociable occasion and therefore eat with their Clients, unless expressly asked not to (which in the case of couples is sometimes completely understandable). As we encourage cooking and eating together where possible our Clients cover the cost of their Carer’s food, so for example, shepherd’s pie for one becomes shepherd’s pie for two! If a Carer has any special dietary requirements a Client is not expected to pay for this and we will help to agree arrangements for both parties if necessary.

Housekeeping Money

There are a few ways that people typically manage a housekeeping fund for their Carer. One of the better ways is for the family to set-up a bank account and have a debit card for the Carers. This way, the family can transfer monies online to cover what’s required and keep an eye on spending. The Carer simply passes the card and pin to the next Carer and so on. Other Clients/families are happy to have a petty cash tin in the home that they top up when they visit in exchange for the receipts for purchases made.

Carer Rest Breaks

Live-in Carers need to have suitable breaks to complement their duties and ensure that they can provide care and support to the best of their ability. Each Client is different and therefore each break pattern is too. We will help you establish a pattern that works for both Client and Carer. If your loved one can’t be left alone Carers tend to be flexible and many will be happy replacing their daily breaks with a longer break once or twice a week when the family are visiting. Either way we will do our best to fit in around your routine. 

Specialist Equipment

If your relative is finding moving around their home tricky then it is advisable to consult an Occupational Therapist who will visit them at home and make some recommendations. This way you can ensure that they and their Carer will have the equipment they need to make the most of their home safely. We can put you in touch with a firm of private OT’s that provide this service if you wish.

Power of Attorney

Now may be the time to consider the appointment of a lasting power of attorney (LPA). This is a legal document that lets a person (the ‘donor’, in this case our Client) appoint one or more people (known as ‘attorneys’) to help you make decisions or to make decisions on their behalf. This gives them more control over what happens to them if, for example, they have an accident or an illness and can’t make decisions at the time they need to be made (they ‘lack mental capacity’). We are more than happy to refer you to people that can help and advise you on this.


It is worth notifying the home insurers that a Carer will be temporarily residing in the home and also the motor insurance company if a Carer is required to drive.