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Advantages Of Live-in Care

There are many advantages and benefits of having 24 hour carers at home.


Here we discuss the importance of home care for elderly and many of the benefits in greater detail to help you understand how arranging live-in care can truly help not only your relative through one to one care but give the whole family peace of mind.

Stay Living In Your Own Home

Whatever your age, whether you are a young adult who needs support and care or a frail, elderly person we believe it is your right to be cared for at home. It is perhaps obvious therefore that being cared for in the comfort of your own home is the primary benefit of arranging 'Live-in Care.'

Live-in Care Is Good Value For Money

When considering if Live-in Care represents good value for money, the primary consideration is in the actual ‘care’ being delivered.


One-to-one attention, care, and support throughout a 24hr period as and when required offers unrivalled levels of focussed care. In the south of England many residential homes can reach more than £1500 per week with Live-in Care being around £1200-£1500 per week there is synergy amongst the two in this regard. But institutions will rarely be able to compete with the personalised approach to care for a Live-in Carer.

Live-in Care Represents Safety

Thankfully, arranging Live-in Care ensures that even if you need full-time care, you can safely stay in your own home. There perhaps is no greater evidence regarding this than the Coronavirus pandemic proving how much safer it can be to remain living in your own home rather than moving to a ‘care home.’


Access Care is proud to be a member of ‘The Live-in Care Hub,’ an impartial information resource to help people decide about arranging live in home help for yourself or a relative. Our pooled research produced a report in 2021 entitled ‘Better At Home’ in which the following statistics re stated:

“…. live-in care offers greater safety and improved wellbeing, than institutional care. The members of the Live-in Care Hub together look after more than 2000 people and have been significantly less likely to be affected by Covid, despite being able to continue to enjoy their lives. The rate that people have died of Coronavirus in Care and Nursing Homes is about 7,136 per 100,000. The rate for over-80s in general was 2376 per 100,000. For live-in care, the rate was significantly lower at 1,482 per 100,0005”

It is perhaps obvious that living in your own home therefore reduces the risk of contracting infectious illnesses. Similarly, a ‘Live-in Carer’ is less likely to be a source of infection for a person living in their own home as he/she does not care for multiple people in many establishments.

Make An Informed Decision

Learn more about the Live-in Care we arrange nationwide by reading our brochure. You can download the brochure directly, or request the brochure by post.

The cover of an Access Care agency brochure about arranging live in care
The cover of an Access Care agency brochure about arranging live in care
The cover of an Access Care agency brochure about arranging live in care

Live-in Care Offers Great Flexibility

The nature of Live-in Care affords a professional care giver the luxury of devoting all of their time to just one person. Live-in care is delivered calmly, without haste and pressure. Complimenting the one-to-one delivery of care is the ability for it to be delivered as and when the client wishes.


Fancy snuggling in bed on a cold winter’s morning?

Having your lunch, a little later in the day, wallowing in a warm bubble bath at 3pm, Live-in Care allows the flexibility to change your routine to suit your mood and supports your right to do what you want, when you choose.

Choice of Live-in Carer

Choosing who lives with you in your own home is of paramount importance. And based on care needs and personality we will work hard to present you with a choice of professional, qualified, and appropriately experienced Live-in Carers for you to choose from.

Enjoy Nutritious Home-cooked Meals With A Live-in Carer

Many of our Live-in Carers and their Clients (where able) enjoy preparing meals together. The conversation and reminiscing generated whilst following a recipe together helps cement a firm relationship between the two.


Cooking as an activity has many mental health benefits and can reduce stress (unless you burn the scones!), stimulate the senses and appetite, encourage creativity, maintain independence, and make conversation. Food ignites the senses, can evoke emotions and memories and can just be good old fun too!


Live-in Carers are perfectly placed to assist their clients with any special dietary needs. They can prepare a healthy, delicious, and nutritious meal plan tailored to their specific health needs and their preferred wishes.

A Healthy Lifestyle Is Easily Promoted With Live-in Care

As well as helping you keep a healthy diet, your Live-in Carer will help you lead a healthy lifestyle: keeping active, socialising, grooming & dressing, and much more. Your Live-in Carer can help you go to community events or host friends and family over for tea.


They can also research local low impact exercise classes, or help you keep fit at home. Keeping active and social is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and as we get older can be difficult to keep up on our own - here is where your Live-in Carer can truly make a difference!

 Smiling elderly lady in pretty garden with her one to one carer

Other Benefits & Advantages of Live-in Home Care

  • Companionship and social & emotional support

  • As a couple, you can stay together – whether one or both of you need support

  • Continuing to live in your local community amongst friends and family

  • Support to continue with hobbies and interests

  • You can stay at home and therefore keep your much-loved pets

  • Your whole family will have a great sense of peace of mind

  • Family & relatives benefit from building a strong relationship with the Live-in Carer/s

  • The whole family will have peace of mind

  • Protecting the family home and inheritance (See cost section)

  • Relief from having to do the domestic chores (laundry, ironing, cleaning etc.)


Perhaps unsurprisingly we can talk about the benefits of Live-in Care until the cows come home. Many of the advantages of Live-in Care are bespoke to our clients and we pride ourselves on helping you identify the main advantage for you and your family.

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