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Do you have a family member that wants to remain living in their own home but would benefit from someone living in their house with them? Then our Live-in carer recruitment service is the solution you are looking for. A viable alternative to a residential care home, live-in care is now a popular option for people across the UK who want to live in their own home, whilst receiving the care and support they need.

Our professional, yet friendly office ladies will help find a tailored solution for your family. We will listen to what you and your family would like and find a 'live-in carer' to suit you. We will find the perfect 'Live in Carer,' that's our promise to you.

We are here for:

  • Emergency, urgent live-in care

  • Short-term or Long-term 

  • Convalescence care

  • Holiday cover & Holiday companionship

We are Access Care, and we have been a Live-in care agency since 1994 - we know what we are doing, and we do it well. With plenty of Live-in Carers for you to choose from, and a team of 15 lovely ladies, all experts in their field here to help you at head office, we are small enough to retain our 'family feel' yet big enough to offer you exceptional customer service and attention to detail. 


We help you build a package of live-in care to suit the person that needs it. So, whether your primary consideration is cost, experience level, a specific language, a driver or anything else, we will do our very best to find you your ideal match. We do the hard work for you, we recruit on your behalf, ensure the people we present to you for selection are trained, have criminal records checked, will match personality wise and based on your given criteria. We meet and interview every Live-in Carer  that registers with us on your behalf and if you'd like to meet them, we will of course do our very best to see if we can arrange this for you too*.


We know that arranging live-in care gives everyone in a family, true peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that parent's and loved ones are being looked after; that they are comfortable, clean, warm and well-fed; that they are not lonely; they have a companion and friend with them who will enable them to laugh, to smile, and to make the most of every day. Gone are the pressures of the home; with the laundry, home-cooked meals and cleaning taken care of. That's where we come in, we find you the perfect Live-in Carer.

Our Live-in care service enables continued involvement with the local community, friends, groups and other social activities. Live-in Carers accompany their clients to appointments, church, family gatherings and even on holidays. A Live-in carer's role is to enable, support and help people to live the life they wish to live, where they wish to live, at home.

Live-in care will help with all manner of daily activities.

Some of the more common include:

  • Getting Up / Going to Bed

  • Washing, Bathing, Showering

  • Oral Hygiene & Denture Care

  • Eye Care

  • Hair & Nail Care

  • Dressing / Undressing

  • Medication 

  • Continence Management

  • Mobility Support

  • Hearing Aids / Diabetes / Blood Pressure Monitoring 

  • Finishing Touches - Make Up, Shaving & Personal Grooming

  • Shopping

  • Cooking Meals

  • Cleaning

  • Laundry – clothes & bed linen

  • Pet care

*Please note that meeting our Live-in Carers is not always possible if they are on an assignment with another one of our lovely Clients or are abroad but we can help arrange a SKYPE or Facetime chat - we have ways and means to help!

Advantages of 'Live in Care'

The primary benefit of ‘live-in care’ is that people can remain living in their own home, but there are many others, for example:

  • Unrivalled one-to-one care and support delivered as and when needed throughout the day or night

  • Familiarity of Carers who stay for extended periods and return regularly

  • Flexibility to change routine 

  • Flexibility to do what you want, when you choose

  • Choice of Carer

  • Couples can stay together – whether one or both need support

  • Owners and much-loved pets stay together

  • The whole family will have peace of mind

  • It is a cost effective alternative to moving into a residential
    care home, especially for couples

Our clients, especially those who are elderly, often start their relationship with us with a Housekeeping & Companionship package and as time progresses and needs dictate, there is a seamless transition to a more comprehensive care package tailored to suit them.

Mrs. Viney

"I was absolutely delighted with the way the live in carer looked after my husband while I took a short break. I was very apprehensive about leaving him but from the moment we met I knew Access Care had made a good match and that the carer would be a great companion for my husband. Friends and family that met her were very complimentary too."

We help arrange the perfect live-in carers nationwide across the UK

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