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Night sky with stars representing overnight emergency elderly care

Overnight Live-in Care

Overnight Care is the name given to care that takes place typically between 10pm - 7am.

There are a lot of families, or family carers in the UK who can care for their relative during the day, but obviously cannot do the night-time as well.


Arranging over-night care leaves everyone reassured and with peace of mind. Families are safe in the knowledge that someone is there for the client, whilst providing the opportunity for invaluable rest for others.


Overnight care may include some/all, but not limited, to the following:


  • Help to turn in bed

  • Help to use the commode

  • Help to go to the bathroom

  • Medication Reminders

  • Companionship


Sleeping Night Care

Basically, the Carer can go to sleep themselves and wake as required a couple of times. We suggest that a Live-in Carer may reasonably be expected to support a client once or twice a night as part of their usual duties, and they are happy to do so.


Sleeping night care can be performed as a combination of day care – if sufficient breaks are being provided and average daily working hours not exceeded.


Waking Night Care

Where a carer is awake during the night.  If you are requiring assistance more than two times a night or for longer periods of time during the night, then your Carer will likely need a longer break during the day.

24hr Live-in Care

If your nights are very unsettled and you are needing a lot of support during the night and the day, you can engage the services of a second Live-in Carer – one Carer would work during the day and sleep at night and the other would work during the night and sleep during the day. We have several Clients who benefit from this level of support.

Arranging overnight care in your home provided by a qualified, professional night carer has helped thousands of families.

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