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Live-in Care Costs

You ask – We answer. Live-in care arranged through Access Care will cost you between


£1,000 & £1,300 per week 


Other cost considerations as follows:​

  • Your Live-in Carer’s food

  • Typically, customers pay Live-in Carers double on Bank Holidays

All our potential customers like you are entitled to a free, no obligation quotation as every care package is bespoke. Please call us for your personalised quotation.

Here’s a breakdown for you to further analyse for long-term care if you wish.

The cost of live-in care is broken down into two parts:


1.  Fee to the Live-in Carer

Most Carers will ask for payment either weekly or fortnightly in arrears by direct transfer into their bank account. Carers are 'self-employed' and therefore will inform us of a fee they wish work for. We will negotiate and agree this fee with you prior to their introduction. Before we introduce your chosen Carer, we will ensure you are both happy with the payment terms. There is no charge to Carers for registering with us for work finding purposes.


2. Fee to the Live-in Care Agency (Weekly Agency Fee)

We are a recruitment agency for live-in carers and therefore charge for our services. The fee is payable to cover the cost of us recruiting and registering carers to present to you for selection. To do this, there is an office run by highly trained experts in recruitment and homecare that beaver away each day. People that choose to pay our weekly agency fee retain our services which means we are constantly recruiting, matchmaking and introducing carers to you throughout the year. This means that when your Carer wants to take a break we can plan and find you another, at your request, to seamlessly take over.



3. Permanent Engagement Fee (One off Recruitment Fee)

Some people require our services to recruit a Live-in Carer for them and then they require no further involvement from us.  Should you wish, you can pay a one-off fee once we find your ideal Live-in Carer for you. The fee we charge is like most other recruitment agencies in a percentage structure. We charge 18% of the Carer's annual salary. You can ask us for a quote at any time during your contract with us and we can help you decide which is the best route for you.

Let’s be honest, cost is always a consideration in life and can be a worry for some. Arranging full-time live-in care for a relative may well be a family’s most expensive outlay. Being able to stay at home with a qualified and vetted care worker has many advantages over the alternative of going into a care home. Concerning cost, the most prominent perhaps is that live-in care fees are often less than care home fees and your loved one is being cared for and supported in the comfort and familiarity of their own home whilst retaining their property asset. In the case of caring for couples, live-in care is far more cost effective. And of course, the concept means that parents can stay together.

Our pledge to you, is to work with you. Balancing wishes with needs on an individual and bespoke basis to ensure you’ll pay for the exact level of care your loved one requires and desires. No more and no less. As a result, you’ll receive quality care that perfectly suits both need and budget.

There are financial advisors that specialise in helping people with care planning. They can provide free quotations for Annuity Plans which are medically underwritten and tax-free, so well worth considering.  We do not profess to be financial experts but can give you names of several specialists who can offer impartial advice on this very important subject, so you can weigh up all the options presented to you.


Value For Money

Most of the cost goes to the Carer, and this is exactly how it should be. Carers deserve to be well-paid for the wonderful job that they do.

A Live-in Carer provides full-time 1-to-1 care as and when required and desired throughout the day/night. Residential/Nursing homes may well be able to offer you a room at a cheaper rate than engaging a Live-in Carer, but the service they offer simply can’t match the fact that Live-in Carers provide a truly bespoke and flexible service to their clients with 1-to-1 around-the-clock care.

The true value of having a Live-in Carer is in the peace of mind that is provided, not only to the person being cared for but to their family as well. Knowing a much-loved parent, child, relative or friend is safe, warm, well-fed, not alone and in the comfort of their own home is priceless.

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