Dementia Live In Care

Dementia Live-in Care

We recruit Carers who specialise in Dementia Live-in Care. They live-in the homes of our clients providing the help they need, when they need it. 

According to Alzheimer’s UK there are a staggering “850,000 people living with dementia in the UK today. By 2025 the number is expected to rise to over one million and by 2050 it is projected to exceed 2 million.”


We are seeing an increase in enquiries for people living with dementia at home and have adapted  to ensure that we have a large team of carers that have training in this group of symptoms and many have years of practical care experience too.

Dementia live-in carers understand the specific challenges that living with the effects dementia presents and many have a lot of experience in caring for people at the many different stages of Alzheimer’s (or indeed other conditions that have caused dementia). It is our absolute belief that live-in care is the best option for those with dementia.


The one-to-one, consistent support provided by a 'Dementia live-in carer' in the person’s own home is a huge benefit.

For our client’s living with dementia we work very hard to ensure the maximum levels of continuity possible, aiming to recruit & introduce a regular team of two or three carers who rotate throughout the year. The carer’s support people in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, promoting the retention of the person’s own identity and encouraging their feelings of self-worth and dignity. High levels of continuity allows for the carer to learn preferred routines, to be able to spot triggers that may cause associated problems, to learn how to handle times of distress and anxiety, and to be there, as a familiar face to help connect people with objects and belongings that are around them. They are also perfectly placed to communicate with family members and keep them informed as much as they wish.

Dementia Live-in Care enables people to help them retain their quality of life for as long as possible.

People living with dementia can find it hard to complete daily tasks which is something a live-in carer can help with. From cooking nutritious home cooked meals to ensuring their clients are getting all the nutrients and vitamins necessary, to ironing and cleaning - a carer is versatile and above all there to help in any way they can and believe us, they really do. Our live-in carers are trained in all stages of dementia and many have years of invaluable experience looking after people with the condition.


Loneliness can have an effect on people living with dementia - elderly people marked with a high level of loneliness are twice as likely to get Alzheimer's than those who find themselves regularly in the company of others. A live-in carer is a  companion and there to accompany to social activities and events to help keep the brain active. At home, together, client & carer enjoy activities together such as gardening, playing cards, or watching a movie together. A carer can also help host friends and family, as well as take you to family gatherings, improving quality of life. Often over-looked, but vital we feel is helping people look and feel like themselves. Reminding them that they can still dress how they always have and reassuring them that they are just as wonderful now as they were years ago.


Live In Care For Dementia

Benefits of Dementia Live-in Care

  • Care in the comfort of their own home, in familiar surroundings

  • Familiar routines continue, which cause less confusion

  • Live-in carers will help reduce symptoms of dementia with sensory activities

  • Friends and family can regularly visit as normal

  • The home is filled with precious memories which are comforting to those living with dementia

  • There is no more loneliness as a live-in carer is a companion and friend to talk and laugh with

  • Less risk of falls

  • Sleep patterns are more regular and can be improved with stimulation throughout the day

  • Someone is there to keep a watchful eye, allowing family members to relax and live their own life

Dementia Live In Care
Live In Care For Dementia
Dementia Live In Care