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World Population Day

Group of elderly people smiling

Access Care specialises in Live-in Care for the growing elderly population. July 11th every year is World Population Day - A Special Day to Raise Awareness of Population Issues. This event has been celebrated for almost three decades and the aim is to focus the world’s attention on the importance of population issues.

The day was established by the United Nations as a result of the massive interest people had in Five Billion Day in 1987!

By The Numbers:

7.8 billion – the current population of the world.

1,442,857,138 – the highest population rate of a country in the world — China.

1,388,712,570 – the second-highest population rate of a country in the world — India.

5 million – the estimated population of the world at the dawn of agriculture in 8000 B.C.

1,800 – the year when the world population hit one billion.

200 – the projected number of years it will take for the population to double again.

2,057 – the year The United Nations projects the world population to reach 10 billion.

90 billion tons – the number of resources extracted from Earth every year.

Want To Know More?

World Population Day is all about raising awareness of controlling the population, and the risks and consequences of a disproportionate population-to-resources ratio.

There is an enormous amount of information available about population issues on social media, blogs and through online information. A great place to start is with the United Nations Populations Fund, the lead UN agency for tackling population issues. The problems and potential solutions are discussed there.

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