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Insurance For Live-in Care

We often get asked by our clients and carers about Insurance and what they should have in place for Live-in care. Here's our guide:

Home Insurance

We would always advise that it is good practice to advise your Home Insurers that you will have a carer temporarily residing in your home. It is important to let the insurers know that the Carer will not be registered as living permanently in the home. By notifying them at the outset this could save any questions later on.


Car Insurance

If you require the carer to drive your loved one in your car, please make sure that you have suitable car insurance in place. Most of our clients have an open policy with the Insurers. This would usually cover anyone over the age of 25 with a full clean driving licence. This option would mean that you do not need to update the insurance with each new carer.


Alternatively, if you have permanently engaged a carer, you may just need to arrange for that carer to be a named driver. We would suggest keeping a copy of the policy schedule or motor certificate in the house and possibly a copy kept in the glove box in the car. It is important to let the carer know where the details of the insurance are. Carers are always advised to ask to see a copy of this prior to driving their clients’ cars. It is also sensible for you to ask to see a copy of the carers driver’s licence.


If the carer is driving your loved one in their car, then they are advised that they need to ensure they have business use on their insurance policy. Please ask to see a copy of this for your own peace of mind.


Self-Employed Carer Insurance

As the carers we introduce are self-employed they will be required to have their own 'self-employed care workers insurance.' We ensure all our registered carers have an insurance policy in place prior to presenting them to you for selection.


Their policy typically covers:

  • Public Liability up to £5m or £10m this has additional safeguards against claims for damage or loss of property & personal injury.

  • Loss or Damage to Property

  • Accidental Injury & Legal Expenses

  • Legal Advice Helpline

A carer should always be happy to provide you with the details of their insurance, as indeed can we on their behalf if you'd like us to do.

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