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Finding A Private Live-In Care Job UK As A Self-Employed Domiciliary Carer

Self employed Live-in Carer helping measure an elderly woman's blood pressure

Are you a private, self-employed live-in carer? Are you looking for your next job in the UK? This article could help. We look at what information you can expect to be given from your Live-in care agency so you can decide if you want to apply for the position, or not?

When you apply for a Livein care job, what would you expect to know before making the decision to select that job? Live-in care agencies understand how vital it is to give you all the facts up front, for many reasons – I’m Jess, the ‘Bookings Manager’ for Access Care. It’s my job to ensure you have all the information you need to decide whether or not you think the clients I have looking for home Carers are right for you. We like to prepare you as best we can to avoid unnecessary surprises, we also like to avoid disappointing clients which is a risk when you realise there’s more to it than meets the eye and can no longer commit.

So, what do we feel is important for you to know ahead of time? Here’s a list of things you might see in a Live-in Care job description.

Client Job Description

About The Client

Often, you’ll find an introduction about the client- what they enjoy doing, what makes them happy and often a bit of history about them. It’s lovely to know a bit about the person you may be caring for before you apply and even start a Live-in Care job. Client’s condition Livein care is for people with any condition that need support to live at home. Some of the most common our client’s live with are:

A lot of our older clients don’t have an underlying medical condition, they are frail and elderly and in need of your support to live independently in their own home. It goes without saying this is one of the most important details to highlight on a job description. This will help you determine whether you have the right experience and are confident with how to care for someone with this condition.

Client’s Needs And Wishes

This could include things like the level of care required relating to the client’s condition - personal care, freshly cooked food, domestic chores, medication needs and more. You may also find information regarding their hobbies and interests. This is a great moment to highlight what you have in common with the client when applying for the job- love playing card games? Make sure you tell us!


It’s important that you are aware of any pets who may live at or visit the property before you decide to apply to the job. Details of requirements will be highlighted so you know what to expect.

Rate And Invoicing Instructions

Every job is different, so it’s important to understand how much a live-in care job will pay you before deciding on a job. Generally, you will receive information about the daily/weekly rate, how often this will be paid, how it will be paid and who by. This means you can get organised and make sure you have something set up to invoice correctly.

Details About The Accommodation

Often you will find a description of the property where the client lives, and details of your room and amenities. The minimum you can expect as a living in carer from your living arrangements is a bed and storage space for your belongings. Sometimes you may have a television in the room, and occasionally a separate private space and/or your own bathroom. Like any home, the set up is different in each job.

Location And Travel

You will be informed of the location of the client’s home. Often details of the area will be provided so you are fully aware of local shops and access. Local train and bus stations might also be provided so you can check how long it might take to travel.

Additional Information

Other details you might find on the job description is things like if there is Wi-Fi at the property, whether there is anyone else living at the house, and any special requests such as the client’s favourite food/ activity. A job description might also highlight whether the client would accept a smoker or requires a driver, it’s really important to read through all the information given to make sure you fit the requirements.

Something you feel is missing from the job description? Sometimes there might be something specific you would like to know which might not be mentioned initially- just give your agency a call and they can find out anything else you might like. We love it when you ask questions, it demonstrates you understand the importance of knowing everything you want to know before making an informed decision.

As a self-employed Live-in carer make sure you are in control – it’s your job to find out all the information you need in order to make your decision. You have the choice. You say where you work, who you work for and how much you are willing to work for. If your agency has a job that suits you they will be the first to ask you. Similarly, to make sure you have the best chance of getting work, be realistic about your expectations.

Now – time to go get yourself a job! Good Luck and remember Live-in Care agencies like Access Care are full of people like me here to help you!

Best wishes


Bookings Manager


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