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Multiple Sclerosis Care At Home

What is Multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition (problems affecting the nervous system). It can manifest when your immune system (your body’s defence system) isn’t working properly. Your immune system has an important job to do; it fights infection to keep you healthy. With MS your own immune system attacks your nerves instead. Our nerves control parts of our body and that’s why with MS you get many different symptoms in different parts of your body. Everyone’s MS is different for this reason. A diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis is for life, but there are specialists and treatments and different types of care available to help people live with MS managing their symptoms.

Multiple sclerosis care at home

It’s obviously important for you to find the level of care you personally require and indeed, desire. We believe, not surprisingly, that receiving the care and support for your MS at home is an option well worth researching. Having a live-in Carer to support your day-to-day living with MS will enable you to live the life you wish to lead, with the pressure of many chores taken care of. Your MS Carer can help with your daily household tasks, like cleaning, cooking, the laundry etc and of course help you with any ‘personal’ care you may need. Importantly they are also a companion, friend and an emotional support for you too.

MS is one of the most common causes of disability in younger adults. Most diagnosed in your 20’s or 30’s, the condition is about two to three times more common in women than men. It’s good to have an idea of a care pathway to help throughout your journey and there is MS care at home to help in varying levels. 

Hourly Care – A Carers pops in for a period of time (eg ½ hr) as desired through the day/week. The length of care call can extend to multiples of hours. 

Respite MS Care – If you have a family member that cares for you, it’s important they are you have a break to both recharge a little. Having a live-in MS Carer for a short period of time on a regular, or even ad hoc, basis can be a perfect solution.


Live-in Care – A Carer lives-in your home with you so then able to provide the care and support for your MS as and when you need it and want it. 

Multiple sclerosis Live-in Care at home

We have been introducing professionally trained Live-in Carers to care for people with MS at home for over 25years, many of whom have attended specialist Neurological Care training looking specifically at care for people with conditions such as MS.


We are here to help you find someone to live-in your home with you. A companion, an assistant, a supporter, a carer!


We will listen to your wishes and needs; we will talk to you to get to know you as a person so we can try to find you someone with common interests and beliefs as well as the necessary care qualifications too.


Our job is to present you with possible Carers to choose from. Your job is to choose one!

Help & Resources

The MS Society

Multiple Sclerosis Trust

D. Browne (Client’s Friend)

“Jenne’s MS physio visits regularly and she has set up an exercise schedule. Nisha and Eva encourage Jenne to do these exercises every day and the physio has been surprised at the results and how well Jenne is doing.


Eva and Nisha’s commitment and encouragement have helped Jenne to increase the strength in her legs and hand. The exercise plays an important part of maintaining good health and wellbeing for MS sufferers. Nisha and Eva are fully aware of this and we can see how this is helping Jenne to have a better quality of life.

During covid Nisha has been fantastic at playing games with Jenne, this keeps her brain ticking over and she has some fun”.

Louise Musselwhite (Client's Wife)

"David and Ignas care for my husband Steve who has multiple sclerosis. They have helped us through the lows and highs by providing both emotional support and assistance with every day living. Live- in care has made a huge difference to both of us.

Having a live-in carer has enabled Steve to enjoy the things he always used to. He lives, breaths and sleeps fishing and he used to be the Champion of Fishing in Southampton and has won many trophies. David and Ignas help him to continue his passion in life and we enjoy many wonderful days at Wetwheels where they provide specially adapted fishing boats for wheelchair users. He is proud of the many fish he has caught!
Steve has to rely on the carers for everything. David and Ignas respect Steve’s decisions and they encourage him to keep active and go to social groups.

They help us in many ways and without their support, we wouldn’t be able to cope.
Their support enables us to make our own choices and have quality time together

as a married couple should."