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What Is Live-In Care?

A live-in carer helping an elderly client dress

In short, Live-in Care is where a Carer lives in the person’s home to provide care, companionship, and support as and when required. As it is within the person’s own home, it is one to one care, so no time is split with other Clients. Live in Care is an alternative to a care home, hourly care or sitting service.

The Client may need care for a vast number of reasons – whether that is due to a disability, illness, loneliness, health conditions, frail elderly or end of life. This type of care is also great for couples who both require care or support, as the Live-in Carer can provide this to both parties. The choice to have a Live in Carer is unique to each individual and their loved ones. There are many situations where arranging a Live-in Carer can help and, whether it is a short or long-term solution, it really does afford family’s peace of mind.

At Access Care, we introduce hand-picked professional, qualified & expertly vetted private Carers to the Client. We are a Live-in Care Agency in Hampshire, providing Live in Care for people all over the country. Working from our office in Hampshire, we are a team of passionate and professional recruiters, specialising in the field of ‘Live-in Care.’ We have been recruiting and successfully placing Living in Carers since 1994.

What Might A Situation Look Like Where Live-In Care Could Help?

‘My mother passed away a year ago, and I have noticed my father has become withdrawn, he doesn’t go out much and I’m not sure he’s really looking after himself well. I think he may be lonely more than anything.’

Absolutely Live-in Care could help in this situation. A long-term Livein Carer would be able to provide that company your father needs, as well as motivate and encourage him to provide for himself where possible, and step in where needed. The additional support will give him independence and confidence to get back out in the world.

‘My mother has recently come out of hospital after a fall, but I don’t have the time to provide the care she needs while she recovers as I have children and a career to juggle. I don’t want her to have to stay in hospital for the rest of her recovery.’

Short-term respite care would be great in this situation. A solution where the Live-in Carer will stay with the Client on a short-term basis until the Client is healthy and able to care for herself, that way your mother gets to recover in her own home while receiving round-the-clock support.

‘My parent’s both have dementia but are refusing to go to a care home as they want to stay in together in their family home. I am getting increasingly worried as their dementia progresses that they might get hurt when the hourly carers have left. What if they turn on the oven and forget they have?’

Having a Live-in Carer is the perfect solution, as they can provide support at all hours when needed to both of your parents. Your parents would get to stay together in their home as they wanted, and they wouldn’t be alone for hours between care drop-ins. Someone would be there to make sure the oven is off!

‘I want to go on holiday, but now I’m a bit older, I am nervous to do so alone. There are so many places I want to go!’

Short-term Livein Care would be perfect for this! Most people don’t realise, but a Live-in Carer can travel with you – so you can go on holiday, even abroad, with the peace of mind knowing you not only have some company on your excursions, but the safety of having someone with you.

‘I am wheelchair-bound, and at 18, I plan on going to university this year. Currently my mum provides most of my care, but I want more independence now I’m an adult’

A Domiciliary Carer could live with you in housing close to campus, assist with care whenever necessary. They could even attend lectures with you and support you around campus.

As you can see, there are many scenarios where at home Care may be the perfect solution to care needs, and many more not covered in the above examples, but if you feel that Live-in Care might be a great option for you or a loved one, please give our friendly, knowledgeable team a call on 01264 319399 today.


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