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Wear It Pink: Lets help make life-changing breast cancer research happen

This Friday, Access Care are collaborating with O&P London to Wear It Pink and raise funds for breast cancer research and support. Our fabulous teams are joining pink forces to spread the love and boost our fundraising potential!

Pink breast cancer ribbon with team dressed in pink raising money for wear it pink

O&P and Access Care owners have a family history of members (marvellous mothers and grandmothers) who have had breast cancer, best friends who had survived it and family member Elizabeth Hurley who serves as the long-time Global Ambassador for The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign. We want to do our bit to help by ensuring all our wonderful customers, be they Access Care or O&P are aware.

Breast Cancer Now’s Wear it Pink day is one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK. Taking place on Friday 20th October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our teams will join thousands of people who will Wear It Pink in their communities, schools or work places for the UK's largest breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now. We have a whole host of fabulous pink celebrations planned, from Wearing It Pink, team fun and games and holding a bake off with all of our delicious creations! In amongst all the fun and pink festivities we will be asking for donations to support our fundraising for Breast Cancer Now.

Breast Cancer Now is the UK’s largest breast cancer charity who are dedicated to funding research. According to Breast Cancer Now, this year, 55,000 women will hear the words “it’s breast cancer”, that relates to one woman diagnosed every 10 minutes. Breast Cancer Now believe that if we all act now, by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live. But to make it happen, they need help!

Since their first event in 2002, the Wear It Pink campaign has raised an incredible £39 million for life-saving research. Research that's working to discover how to prevent breast cancer, how to detect it earlier and how to treat it effectively at every stage to stop the disease taking lives.

To keep making discoveries, Breast Cancer Now needs to invest at least £300 million in research over the next 10 years. By taking part in Breast Cancer Now’s Wear it Pink day, we’re hoping to help make a difference. You can help too by supporting Access Care's fundraising efforts in collaboration with one of our other family businesses O&P London, by donating to;

Having supported friends and family members through experiences of breast cancer consultations, diagnoses, and treatment, we feel motivated and inspired by the community created around wearing it pink. We now have October as ‘save the month’ in our pink calendars every year and we’re all over jumping on the pink band wagon in support for Wear It Pink!

How can you get involved? Show your unique perfectly pink style!

Whether you love to bake off like our awesome teams, glam up like Tiggy and Mel our fabulous CEO and Manager, or grab your pink running kit and get covered in mud like Ali, the opportunities to take part in Wear It Pink are endless and should be so much fun!

Sometimes we think about marathons and traditional bake sales when deciding on a fundraising activity, but there are so many other things you can do to step out of the box and show your unique side.

We’ve seen and heard stories of the enjoyment and confidence that’s been gained from organising and taking part in creative fundraising activities, from sponsored swimming, to becoming an artist or singer for the day, to designing ‘pink inspire’ general knowledge quizzes. It’s a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to make a difference while inspiring others to do so along the way.

There’s honestly an activity for everyone to choose for wear it pink, to show mass support and create awareness for everyone affected by breast cancer. Find something that’s fun and sparks interest and positivity to share with your pink community! Choose something fun and enjoyable so your community are excited to join in too, from hiking to knitting whatever you choose to do just be sure to sprinkle it with pink!

By joining the thousands in Wearing It Pink we will all come together to show solidarity and strength in numbers with the same purpose. Pink is such a visually strong colour too, it shows strength and is the colour that offers love and warmth. It is the core of our branding as we decided that there is only one colour which would truly speak Access Care, loud and proud, and that is - pink! But this is for a whole other blog to read here

The Pink Ice Breaker

Wear it pink can provide the opportunity to talk and listen. We think the opportunity to connect with others can be the most rewarding part of fundraising. New friendships, relationships and network connections are grown and developed, showing community spirit while contributing to valuable and life-saving research. It makes it even more worthwhile to take part.

As part of our Wear It Pink campaign we are really enjoying reaching out to our wonderful community, we truly believe that by coming together on pink mass we can foster our community spirits, have fun and raise money together! By fundraising together as a community, we hope to bring people together, foster a sense of unity with a shared pink purpose.

Wear It Pink can be a real ice breaker, community fundraising serves as a powerful tool for bringing people together, fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership for the well-being of the community, talking and listening and finding out what’s important to those around you. So, pop on your prettiest pink blouses or your wackiest pink feather boas as we encourage you to join in and help spread the Wear It Pink word! So, let’s all go mingle in our pinks, to start new friendships and have some fun with the same shared purpose of raising money for Breast Cancer Now.

The Team Behind the Pink!

This Friday we’ll be hitting our Wear It Pink event in true Access Care style. Doing what we do best and providing a friendly, efficient, and caring service…. albeit fundraising on this occasion and not Live-in Care! We will be sure to apply the same values and ethos we are so passionate about, the reason why we do what we do, it never just stops at providing Live-in Care, we are so much more.

The legacy of our family run Live-in Care agency is a wealth of wisdom, experience and traditional values which underpin our day-to-day operations. When a client registers with Access Care we know they are placing all their trust in us to find them their perfect carer. This trust, and our dedication to improving the quality of life are what inspires us to provide exceptional customer service and the most satisfying experience possible. We are particular about who we represent both from a client and Live-in carer perspective as we want to ensure roles are long-lasting and relationships enduring. Since 1994, we have continued to keep these values as the foundation of all we do, from match making the perfect carer to the right client, to calling Mary to wish her a very happy birthday; and to coming together as a community to raise money and help power life-changing support and vital research. All in pink, of course!


Feeling inspired?

Join us and Wear It Pink this Friday!

We are in collaboration with O&P London. Together we are raising money for Breast Cancer Now and would love your support.

We would love it if you could join us and Wear It Pink too! Take a picture of you/your pets wearing your best ‘pink,’ (we’ll be pink in the shop and the office) tag us in your social and we can come together as a community to make it happen.

You can help too by donating on our just giving page, which is always greatly appreciated:

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18 באוק׳ 2023

Such an important cause to raise awareness to! Looking forward to getting involved and spreading the word.


חבר/ה לא ידוע/ה
17 באוק׳ 2023

Such an important cause, delighted to be part of "Wear it Pink"


17 באוק׳ 2023

Such a great cause to show our support to. Looking forward to getting my pink on to get involved!


17 באוק׳ 2023

Great way to raise awareness!


17 באוק׳ 2023

This is great, Can't wait to get involved

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