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Supporting Our Live-In Carers - We Care About You!

Access Care Live-in Care Agency

You’ve met your new live-in care client, and you’re settling in well together. Their daily routines are in place and there are smiles and laughter which help immeasurably with the harder things in life. But this is just where it all begins for us as your agency. We are here to support you as a live-in carer and to make sure you and your client are both supported and encouraged.

What do we do to support our domiciliary carers?

We have a booking process which helps home carers with arrivals and departures, and our friendly team are there to help you organise cover for when you need a break. Our team are on hand 24/7 to discuss any challenges you may be facing as a carer be this with your client, self-employment, training, or wellbeing.

Our team create useful resources such as helpful recipes to cook for your live-in care client, exercises for both you and your client to keep healthy and active, things to do around seasonal weather, condition awareness and support, and much more. At our live-in care agency we also want you to have fun so we often run competitions on our social media channels to help bring the community of carers together, have a giggle, and win a delightful prize to enjoy!

We ensure your training and certificates are up to date so you can provide your client with excellent support and service. Our Booster Care training courses run mostly every month, and we help you make the process of arranging training easy by simply calling or messaging our recruitment team. All of the training courses happen in our Head Office located in the beautiful Hampshire countryside where we know you will love visiting! The training room is buzzing with excitement and live-in carers all thoroughly engage with the training. We love to meet our carers during their visit - it is an invaluable opportunity to talk face-to-face and make them feel a valued part of our family. Whether you are new to Access Care or a familiar face our team always love to catch up with you!

Our livein carer newsletters are another valuable opportunity to keep our carers informed about general happenings. Recently, we have been supporting live in carers with Brexit requirements as many of our carers travel in from European countries in order to ensure they are ready for any eventuality.

One of our most special moments is choosing our Carer Of The Month, where the team recognise outstanding actions or achievements of individual carers and love sending them a certificate, letter and token of appreciation from us and their clients, of course!

If this sounds like a community you would like to be a part of, call our Recruitment Team on 01264 319399 or email


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