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Live-in Care Training 

Having introduced live-in carers since 1994, we have come to realise exactly what training would be beneficial and is indeed necessary. Over time we have developed tailor-made care courses specifically for Live-in Carers. We run two courses, one for those new to care work (which we call our Complete Care course) and one for those who are experienced and looking to refresh their skills (we call this our Booster Care course).

Train To Be A Live-in Carer With Our

3 Day 'Complete Care' Course

If you are new to Live-in Care, we welcome you to join us on our ‘Complete Care’ training course. It is aimed at people who are new to care or who have not worked as a ‘live in carer’ before or need to refresh their skills - if you're looking to update your training you need to be on our Booster Care course - scroll down the page for dates and information on this course. The 'Complete Care' course is a full three days and is not only packed full of knowledge, theory and useful tips but is also fun, interactive and engaging. The course is broken down into different topics, and at the end you will receive a portfolio of certificates in following subjects:


  • Welcome to Being a Care Worker - Understanding your role & everything you need to get you started

  • Person Centred Care - Assisting to Wash & Dress, Privacy & Dignity, Personal Hygiene, Continence Care, Pressure Ulcers

  • Infection Control - To learn effective hygiene measures, prevent infection spreading and protect yourself and your clients 

  • Health & Safety, Risk Assessment - Understand how to identify and record risks in your workplace

  • Safeguarding from Abuse Awareness - How to protect the interests & safety of clients through learning about symptoms, types and Duty of Care

  • Food Hygiene & Nutrition - Meal Planning, Diet, Nutrition & Hydration 

  • Medication Management - Safe & Effective ways to Prompt, Assist & Administer     

  • Moving & Handling - To increase an awareness of the need to adopt safer client handling techniques    

  • First Aid with CPR & DNR - How to preserve life and limit worsening of a condition  

  • Understanding Alzheimer's & Dementia - To gain a better understanding of Dementia and how to care for a client with this illness

  • Mental Capacity - To give confidence to support your client's decision making in relation to their care      

  • End of Life Care  - How to care with greater confidence, empathy and knowledge

Booster Care

Course Type


2021 Dates

Goodworth Clatford, Hampshire

Dates announced soon

Complete Care Course

Top Up Your Knowledge With Our

2 Day* 'Booster Live-in Care Course'

The ‘Booster Care’ course is for carers that have a couple of years (at least) experience and who need to ‘update’ their skills and knowledge. It’s a two-day course which ensures your core skills are up-to-date and also looks a little deeper into some of the specific conditions that you will come across in your role as a care worker to broaden your understanding. We change the Agenda every couple of years to help our Carers keep learning and growing as great live-in Carers - so check with the team what's on at the moment!

*Please note if you are new to Access Care you'll need to come for 3 days and Register on Day 1.


  • Advanced Personal Care - Continence management, Urinary & Suprapubic catheter, Conveen, Colostomy & Ileostomy

  • Safeguarding People from Abuse Update - Refresh knowledge, legislation, Policy changes

  • First Aid with CPR & DNR Update - Refresh knowledge, legislation/policy changes

  • Medication Update - An update of knowledge, policy changes & how to complete Mar Sheets / Record Keeping

  • Moving & Handling Refresher - An update of knowledge

  • Neurological Conditions Awareness - To give a greater understanding of care for a client with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, MS, Cerebral Palsy or Stroke  

  • Brain Injury Care Awareness - To give an awareness of the condition

  • End of Life Refresher  - How to care with greater confidence, empathy and knowledge

Booster Care

Course Type


2021 Dates

Booster Care

Goodworth Clatford

Dates announced soon

What Our Carers Thought:

"It was very, very helpful and enjoyable – I loved being here!"

"Stimulating delivery and content. Delivered in a way that I will always remember the knowledge"

"Good and excellent knowledge – the trainer is fab!"

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