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Live-in Carer Complete Care Course

Live-in Career Complete Care Course | Home Carer For Elderly

Do you want to become a live-in carer? Have you never done care work before and are not sure where to start? If you are at the start of your career as a home carer, then this is the course for you. The course is a ‘complete’ guide to starting work as a live-in carer.

Our ‘Complete Care’ course will provide you with everything necessary to begin your career. This course is specially tailored to those who are new to care or have not worked as a ‘live-in carer’ before. The ‘Complete Care’ course is delivered by professional trainers across three days and is not only packed with knowledge, theory and useful tips, but also covers practical topics- so is fun and engaging!

The course is broken down into different topics covering the following subjects:

  • Welcome to Being a live in Caregiver Worker - Understanding your role & everything you need to get you started

  • Person Centred Care - Assisting to Wash & Dress, Privacy & Dignity, Personal Hygiene, Continence Care, Pressure Ulcers

  • Infection Control - To learn effective hygiene measures, prevent infection spreading and protect yourself and your clients

  • Health & Safety, Risk Assessment - Understand how to identify and record risks in your workplace

  • Safeguarding from Abuse Awareness - How to protect the interests & safety of clients through learning about symptoms, types and Duty of Care

  • Food Hygiene & Nutrition - Meal Planning, Diet, Nutrition & Hydration

  • Medication Management - Safe & Effective ways to Prompt, Assist & Administer

  • Moving & Handling - To increase an awareness of the need to adopt safer client handling techniques

  • First Aid with CPR & DNR - How to preserve life and limit worsening of a condition

  • Understanding Alzheimer's & Dementia - To gain a better understanding of Dementia care in your own home

  • Mental Capacity - To give confidence to support your client's decision making in relation to their care

  • End of Life Care - How to care with greater confidence, empathy and knowledge

All this content is available to you at a cost of £250 for the entire course! Once you have completed the course you will receive a portfolio of certificates which are yours to take away and are valid for 2 years. Being self-employed, our care workers are able to request the daily rate they would prefer to earn. Typically, this is between £80-£95 per day, perhaps more depending on the dependency of the client. Therefore, this course is great value for your money!

You will also be presented with a memory stick containing all the information you learnt on the course, as well as:

  • A guide to working as a live-in care worker

  • A care worker dictionary- explaining all the ’industry specific terms’ that you may come across in your job

  • Monitoring form templates- to help you be truly professional in your work and record everything in the best possible way

  • A guide to English cooking

  • A housekeeping guide

All this information is then readily available to you, whenever you should need it! Of course, if you ever need guidance or advice then our friendly office team are always a short phone call away and are happy to help!

A career in live in care allows you to spend long periods of time with your client and get to know them; many of our domiciliary carers become part of the family and are welcomed by clients and their families like a friend! Being a live-in carer is a very rewarding job, you get to help provide our clients with a better quality of life and allow them to remain in their own home when the time comes for them to need care. You temporarily live with your client to provide them with the care and support they need with no time restrictions, allowing you to complete your job to the best of your ability!

You can view the dates for the next complete care course here, and book your place on our course today by calling 0800 980 3958, or by sending us an email on - our friendly office team are waiting to meet you!


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