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Christmas Activities For Dementia

Christmas Activities For Dementia | Live-in Care

Make Christmas a fun festive time for the whole family! For people living with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer's Christmas can be confusing and overwhelming - dementia symptoms include memory loss, mood changes, and confusion all of which can make having a good time over Christmas more difficult that usual.

However you can take simple steps to make Christmas an enjoyable time for your loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer's - here is our handy guide to Christmas fun for everyone!

Christmas Activities For Dementia

1. Prepare For Christmas With Family & Friends

Ensure all your relatives and friends understand dementia and how the condition affects your loved one. By getting to know the symptoms of dementia you will have a support network of people who can help you and your loved one enjoy Christmas. Prepare a few games like charades and easy quizzes for everyone to get involved in: from young children to older grandparents!

2. Host a Classic Christmas

People with dementia are more likely to have memories of the past and it will bring them joy to see similar traditions on Christmas Day. Play classic Christmas music, involve traditional recipes, show them photos of past Christmases. You can also all enjoy a Christmas classic film after dinner!

3. Keep Festive Activities Simple & Involve Your Loved One

If your loved one with dementia cannot be involved in preparing and participating on Christmas, they may feel sad and like a burden. You can get them involved in tasks like helping you prepare dinner by peeling vegetables, wrapping pigs in blankets, host a children's game to keep them occupied, greet guests at the door, and share stories with the group.

4. Create A Safe Space

Christmas Day can be hectic and noisy all of which can be tiring for a person with dementia. When tired, your loved one may become agitated or confused - avoid this by creating a safe space for them in the home where it's quiet and they can rest undisturbed.

5. Focus On The Most Important Thing: Quality Family Time

Christmas can be an overwhelming time for your loved one with dementia, and their behaviour may change. Be prepared for this, and focus on the most important thing: spending quality time as a family. Be understanding and patient with your loved one - and if your family and friends are aware of dementia, they can help you out too.

Christmas is a time to make wonderful memories, and spending a little bit of time preparing activities for your loved one with dementia can have a highly positive impact on the day. Our live-in carers are available to lend you a helping hand over Christmas - our home carers are experts at providing in home dementia care. If you’d like to know more about our domiciliary care services, call our friendly live-in care specialists today on 01264 319399 or email


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