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Home care Options For Elderly With Dementia In Hampshire

Care options for people with dementia

Each individual and circumstance is different when it comes to dementia - there really isn't one magic formula which suits all. Your loved ones needs are unique and their care should be too - with various levels of the condition, they will need tailored assistance.

As a caregiver, you are balancing your time between your own busy life and juggling career, children, and your loved one who need extra support - it can get tough and you shouldn't feel guilty about getting help. You can do anything - just not everything. When you are ready to look for a helping hand there are some home care options in Hampshire you could consider: the first thing which may come to your mind is residential care however we are here to remind you that you have other options which can help your elderly relative with dementia to stay living in the comfort and familiarity of their surroundings.

Respite Care:

Looking after a loved one with dementia can be tough, and everyone needs a break - respite care offers exactly that. You can arrange for a carer to live-in your loved ones home and look after them whilst you take some time to recharge and unwind. Respite live-in care enables families to go away on holiday with total peace of mind their loved one will be comfortable and well looked after; and it offers your elderly relative with dementia companion care in the company someone new and experienced with their condition.

Home Visits:

Home visits are often hourly and as and when needed. You may wish to consider nurse-led home visits for times when you need a pair of helping hands like washing and dressing your relative, at breakfast/lunch/dinner, housekeeping and shopping. Home carers can visit as often as you like: daily, weekly, monthly giving you the chance to go to your appointments without worry, as you know your relative will be with a trusted friend and companion.

Palliative Care At Home:

During a stressful time it can help to be in familiar surroundings: sleeping in your own bed, looking at family photos around the house, eating food prepared in your home kitchen. Palliative care can start at companionship and housekeeping (cleaning, cooking, washing) to personal care and more advanced care. Having a professional and experienced home carer with you at the tie of destress will help you focus on spending more time as a family during those final moments.

Dementia Live-in Care:

It can be hard to start the journey to arranging live-in care. We understand that you feel responsible for your loved one and you may feel guilty for focussing more on your own life. However, we're here to tell you that you're not the only one with these feelings - and that it can be beneficial for both of you to lead a more independent life. You will have the time to recharge and focus on developing your career or growing your family; maybe even take that travelling tour you've always wanted to go on. And you will have peace of mind that your loved one is living in the comfort of their own home, with familiar routines, home cooked meals, and the help they need. Not to mention a new companion and friend who is at their side 24hrs a day! Live-in care starts at companionship & housekeeping, and goes to complex care needs to the service is very much tailored to you and your family.

Dementia Live-in Care in Hampshire: Keeping your relative with dementia in the comfort of their own home and in familiar surroundings can help them feel calm and have a better quality of life. As we have outlined below there are services which can help you by taking the responsibility of care away from you and into professional helping hands so you can have the rest you need and your loved one can have a companion who understand their condition. At Access Care we have been providing specialist care for people in the comfort of their own home for 25 years - our carers understand dementia and are trained to care for people with dementia; and our team are always delighted to be of service to both clients and their families when they need us. Choosing dementia live-in care can help your loved one stay independent and have the continuity of care by having only 2 or 3 regular carers throughout the year so they become their friends and trusted companions.

To arrange live-in care you can call us in our Hampshire head office on 01264 319399 or email and we'll be delighted to help you.


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