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Live-in Care For Couples

Live-in care for couples

There are many benefits of live-in care, but we think one of the biggest advantages is that couples get to stay together in their own home filled with wonderful memories. Most elderly couples have lived in their home for many years, and have cherished memories of their children growing up, grandchildren playing in the garden, their own special days and anniversaries being celebrated.... How wonderful!

We help families arrange care for elderly couples to help them stay together, stay comfortable, and feel safe in their own home with the help of live-in care. A livein carer will help couples with tasks such as:

  • Dressing and Undressing

  • Washing, Bathing, Showering & Continence support

  • Oral Hygiene & Denture Care

  • Eye Care

  • Hair & Nail Care

  • Personal Grooming & Finishing Touches - Make Up & Shaving

  • Medication Prompts

  • Hearing Aids / Diabetes / Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Getting Up and Going to Bed

  • Cooking and Meal Preparation

  • Food Shopping

  • Laundry - clothes & bed linen

  • Cleaning and Housekeeping

  • Mail & Household Admin

  • Caring for Pets – Walking and Feeding

  • Online Communication with Family (Facebook/Facetime/Skype etc)

and so much more!

Whether it is one of you, or both partners who need help with daily tasks, your home carer will be there to help in any way they can - live-in care is completely bespoke. By taking away the responsibility of daily chores, medication reminders, and other prompts you can focus completely on living life your way and spending quality time together. Even more than that, we match all our domiciliary carers to your likes and dislikes so if you love pets and have a wonderful cat and dog duo, we'll find a home carer who enjoys looking after animals; or if you love spending time in your allotment but find it harder and harder to do yourself we'll help you find a carer who is green-fingered and enjoys helping you keep your allotment blooming.

“I just have to say that the lovely man we had recently, Frances, was absolutely great, such a kind nice man, he is so missed by Steve and I and if ever we need another carer and if he’s available could he be considered for us again."

If you would like to arrange care for elderly couples, please call us today on 01264 319399 or email


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