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Helping Elderly With Pets

Helping elderly with pets

Studies have shown clear physical and emotional benefits of having pets for the elderly such as reduction in the risk of developing heart disease, reduced stress levels and blood pressure. A study published in The Gerontologist found that a strong emotional bond between people over the age of 60 and their pets encourages more social interaction with other pet owners, and decreases doctor visits due to more exercise whilst walking dogs as well as uplifted moods from companionship.

The benefits of owning a pet are endless - however we also understand that as people grow older it can become harder to look after beloved pets. Elderly people may experience memory problems, and can have decreased mobility which poses a problem when looking after pets. Live-in Carers can help look after pets so your elderly loved one spends more quality time enjoying the company of their furry friend whilst you have peace of mind knowing the pet is being well looked after and cared for.

Your elderly loved one may already have a dearly beloved pet living with them - we can help you arrange a live-in carer who will like animals and is happy to care for pets as part of home care for your family member. Some of the tasks domiciliary carers can help with include but are not limited to:

- Walking dogs

- Feeding pets and ensuring they have fresh water

- Cleaning after pets such as cat litter or bird cages

- Taking them to vet appointments

- Going out to get food, treats, toys

- Check up on their wellbeing

- Grooming cats and dogs or helping with arranging a groomer

Alternatively your elderly relative may want more interaction with animals and the companionship they bring in which case there are associations which help match elderly people with their perfect four legged companions like Oldies Club who help elderly dogs find loving homes; or charities which help with visiting pets such as Pets As Therapy. Your local dog or cat rescue centre may also do visits or fostering older pets - your Live-in Carer can help you arrange all of this and help you look after your pets.

Our friendly Living in Care team are on hand to talk to you about your options when it comes to helping your elderly relative with their pets - call us today on 01264 319 399 or email with any queries or to arrange Live-in Care.


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