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7 Stages of Alzheimer’s

Stages of Alzheimer's | Support For Elderly With Dementia

It can be difficult to know at what point someone may have Alzheimer’s. There are many stages and their symptoms can deteriorate rapidly.

Here are the seven stages to look out for:

Stage One:

At this stage, there are no signs of memory loss or weakening.

Stage Two:

A small amount of loss of their short-term memory, this can be slightly noticeable. They may start using different words or names for familiar things they know.

Stage Three:

At this stage, the person’s language is deteriorating, they find it hard to remember people’s names. They can find it difficult to perform normal day-to-day tasks. They are very forgetful at this stage and easily lose their valuables, forget dates, social activities and find it hard to plan something or take directions.

Stage Four:

This is where they have real trouble with remembering things, such as remembering events in their life that have happened in the past. They find it very difficult to perform daily tasks. This can be when you start noticing signs of a change in their mood – they can become short-tempered, depressed and anxious.

Stage Five:

At this stage, there are more gaps in their memory. They are unable to remember things like their address, their phone number etc. They can forget where they are and what day it is.

Stage Six:

At this stage it is very difficult to be aware of where they are and what they are doing, it can be easy for them to become lost. They have trouble sleeping and doing simple things such as getting dressed. They find it difficult to remember the names of their relatives. There are increased changes in their mood and behaviour – they can start to have delusions that someone is going to harm them.

Stage Seven:

The last stage is the loss in being able to speak properly, being able to control their movement and feed themselves. They can have difficulty swallowing and supporting themselves.

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