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Becoming a part of the Access Care family

Logo of private live-in care agency

My name is Shelbie, and I have only recently been introduced to the live-in care industry. I started working for Access Care just 5 weeks ago, employed as an assistant to the Live-in Care Manager. As soon as I saw the ad for the job I was confused “live-in care, what an earth is that?” I thought. I then decided to do my research on the company and discovered a service that I never knew existed. I was, of course aware of care homes, day centres, domiciliary care and I have friends that provide hourly care. After reading up and doing my research I straight away thought it was a great idea, I’ve witnessed myself how distressing it can be leaving your home, a place where you are comfortable and at peace, to be placed in a new environment.

I did then wonder how the process all worked. Would they just send a random person they know nothing about or even what they look like into someone’s home and leave it at that? Surely not. After only a short time being part of the Access Care family I know how it works and I understand why clients choose us. Not only are all the care workers we have fully trained every two years but before anything is set in stone, the client is given their profiles. Now this is where I do my work, I am involved in the making and updating of the care worker profiles. It contains everything you would need to know about them as a person including their interests, their hobbies, any experience they have with different conditions and equipment, their qualifications and a photo. Not only do they get to know the carer before actually meeting them, but they get a choice.

This is what really amazes me about the work I do, not only do we provide our clients with exceptional live-in care workers but we give them the choice of which private carer they would like. Which is great, it makes sense to be able to choose who is going to be living with you. I get a great sense of satisfaction at the end of each day working for Access Care knowing what I am helping provide to our clients. In the time I have spent writing this blog, Kathy our Complex Care Coordinator has managed to help a lady who is returning home from hospital and is worrying about what she will do by providing her with one of our lovely care workers arriving to her home tomorrow lunch time.

This is why I love my job and this is what we do.

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