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Take A Live-in Carer On Your Summer Holiday

live-in carer for elderly holiday | Home Care Provider

Having a live-in carer means you have the freedom to live your life your way - that includes travelling and going on holidays, taking the right support with you.

We think that no-one should miss out on family fun in the sun which is why our live-in carers can come with you on your holidays to look after you, make sure you have the right care and support, and enjoy that all important quality time with the ones you love. Whether you're off to the Cornish seaside or exploring the wonders of the world on different continents, we will happily help you arrange the right live-in carer to be by your side during your vacation.

Not many people know that you can arrange a live-in carer during your holidays or trips away - so we wanted to shout about it and let you know Access Care can make it happen! We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of sunshine, sea, quality time with loved ones, and an ice cream of your choice whilst watching the sunset.

We can also introduce you to live-in carers who come from places like the Caribbean or Europe and can show you the best sights to see your holiday - it's like having your own guide who looks after all your needs and wishes, so your family can have quality time with you without the worry of medication, health and general care, or transport.

You can arrange a live-in carer to look after you short term respite care (1 to 4 weeks whilst you're away) or have on-going live-in care - the choice is up to you. Our friendly team will help you make the right decision on live-in care options and the carer which suits you best.

If you would like to arrange a live-in carer to come on holiday with you, please contact Pamela on 01264 319399 or email - we'll be delighted to help you!


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