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Traditional Christmas Food

Traditional Christmas Food in England | Care At Home For Elderly

If like me, you love your food, you may already be looking forward to your Christmas lunch and this may be one of the highlights of your Christmas Day celebrations. Traditionally the meal consists or roast turkey or goose, roasted potatoes, roast parsnips, a selection of seasonal vegetables including Brussels sprouts, stuffing and pigs in blankets - thin sausages wrapped in bacon.

Christmas Pudding is the traditional Christmas Day dessert, sometimes covered in brandy and set alight at the table and then served with brandy butter or cream. But did you know?

The roast turkey has its beginnings in Victorian Britain. Previously other forms of roasted meat such as beef and goose were the centrepiece of the Christmas dinner. The turkey was added to this by the more wealthy sections of the community in the 19th century, but its perfect size for a middle class family gathering meant it became the dominant dish by the beginning of the 20th century.

A boar's head was the edible centrepiece on the wealthiest holiday tables in Tudor England. Today, ham remains the cornerstone of Christmas menus in many parts of the world.

In the 16th Century the rich would have eaten goose and woodcock for Christmas dinner and, with the king's permission, swan. The birds were covered with butter and saffron and then roasted.

Venison was also on the menu for the rich and sometimes the poor would be allowed to have the deer's leftover parts - such as the heart, liver, tongue, ears and brain - known as 'umbles' mixed with whatever else a cook could find, they were made into a pie - known as 'umble pie'.

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