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Topics To Talk About With Your Client As A Live-in Carer

Live-in Carer passing a glass of water to elderly client

Our Domiciliary Care Clients have on the whole, led rich and interesting lives so what better way to get to know them better than by sharing experiences. The best way is to ask open ended questions which gives the Client the opportunity to share as little or as much as they feel comfortable in doing (they may wish to be private about certain situations which will need to be respected).

Some of our favourite conversation starters with Live-in Care Clients include:


Everyone has a novel inside them – or so the saying goes, and most people enjoy talking about their memories! Questions can include where they were born, their school lives, their subsequent career history, pets, experiences which they cherish.


It’s always lovely to hear about someone’s family history – whom they grew up with, who their parents were, if they married, had children, any childhood pets or favourite toys growing up… the list is endless and can develop a new conversation each time.

The Royal Family

There has been lots of recent activity around the Royal Family so what better time than to discuss their memories of past coronations, street party celebrations or royal visits when they were growing up.

The Weather

Most British LOVE discussing the weather and it’s a great opener to other conversations such as what’s the best conditions for their garden, do they prefer painting skies or seascapes and what’s their favourite season is.


Your Home Care Client may have travelled in the past so ask them about holidays they remember and which ones they would recommend.

Food & Drink

We spend a lot of time eating and drinking so it’s such a communal discussion point. Ask your Client what their favourite food was growing up and what they like now – why not try to recreate the recipe to try out with them?

Classic Musicals / Musical Films such as The Sound of Music

Musicals have been around for a while now and everyone usually has a favourite that they like to watch or listen to. Ask if they’ve see it on stage or on screen, why they like it, can they remember songs – perhaps sing a tune together if they can!

TV Entertainment

British entertainers have long been celebrated and favoured. Depending on your Live in Care Client’s age, many will remember names such as Lonnie Donnigan, George Formby, Dick Emery and Ted Rogers. Classic TV comedy acts also went down well so ask them if they remember Morcombe & Wise or The Two Ronnies.

The Price of Things

Inflation has seen to the rise in price of many everyday essentials, homes, cars and food. Ask them what the price was of a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk when they were growing up.

Old Movies

Back in the day there wasn’t the volume of films they produce now however what was made was watched by the masses and everyone had their favourites. Ask who their favourite Bond movie star was, what they remember watching as a child at the cinema such as westerns and cartoons – even see if you can find a copy for your to watch together!

If you want to register with us as a self-employed Live-in Carer, please call our team on 01264 319 399 or email and our team would be delighted to help you find work!


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