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Top 5 Museums To Visit In The UK

Roman baths in city of Bath | Live-in Care Excursions for the elderly

Do you love a trip to the museum? Our team loves hearing about trips to new places from both Clients and Carers alike - from war museums to floral exhibitions, your pictures and stories make our day.

We prepared a list of 5 museums in the UK with the highest rating, and accessibility. for those with limited mobility. We also looked at reviews of those who have visited these places, taken from

Number one in our list is Churchill War Rooms. This museum is housing the underground nerve centre where the British government directed the Second World War. Churchill War Rooms is one of London’s must-see attractions: walk along the top-secret corridors and peek at what life would have been like during the tense days and nights of the Second World War from the rooms Churchill operated from.

“The Winston Churchill War Room and Museum is an outstanding tribute and collection of artefacts commemorating Mr. Churchill’s legacy both pre and post WWII. As you stroll through the below ground bunker, you get a true feel of what it was like to experience work and life during that period of time as many of the key figures worked together.... Don’t miss out listening to the volunteer “story tellers” who do an excellent job. There are also many interactive vignettes. This is a must do!”

Number two is the National Railway Museum. This museum is home to iconic locomotives and an unrivalled collection of engineering brilliance – celebration of the past, present and future of innovation on the railways. Dedicated to igniting the visitors’ curiosity about the people, places and engineering marvels behind the railways, the museum staff put the passion for amazing stories into everything they do. The entry is free, what a lovely surprise!

"Outstanding museum...well organised, and wide array of trains, and railway signage ...great way to spend a rainy afternoon... “

Number three has to be the Roman Baths - one of the finest historic sites in Northern Europe, and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK. Hidden beneath the present city of Bath lie the stone remains of one of the finest religious spas of the ancient world. The Roman Baths is a must when in Bath!

“Interesting history behind this place and great option to have an audio guide so you listen whilst walking around. Great price and we prebooked with no issues. It did get busy in some areas so we tried to keep our distance as best we could. There are steps, ramps and a lift so easily accessible around the tour. There is a gift shop in the middle of the tour as well as at the end. Definitely recommended.”

Number four in the list is the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. The museum houses the University's scientific collections of geological and zoological specimens. The Museum itself is a Grade 1 listed building, renowned for its spectacular neo-Gothic architecture. Among its most famous features are the Oxfordshire dinosaurs, the dodo, and the swifts in the tower.

“Great museum with a range of exhibits from dinosaurs to modern day insects. Free entry. Wheelchair accessible with a lift. Coffee shop also on the top floor. “

The last but not least is Pitt Rivers Museum. It is one of the Oxford’s most popular attractions, famous for its period atmosphere and outstanding collections from many cultures around the world, past and present.

"Amazing and varied, this museum has everything from a witch in a bottle to feather ceremonial capes to Japanese swords. Loved opening the drawers to see what is inside!”

As we grow older, the need for home care or domiciliary care becomes more urgent. However, being under the care of a live-in carer doesn't mean we have to miss out on life's pleasures like going on day trips to visit museums. Our livein carers are eager to assist and accompany clients on such adventures, providing them with the necessary support and care they need. From planning your itinerary to organising transportation and providing companionship, our live in carers are committed to ensuring your day trip is a memorable and enjoyable experience.

There are so many other interesting places in the UK to visit. Our Live-in Carers make wonderful companions wherever you decide to go. If you have any questions about Live-in Care, give us a call on 01264 319 399!


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