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Things To Do At Home For Elderly - Audiobooks

Things To Do At Home For Elderly | Home Care | Livein Care

Story books can be a great way to escape from the trials and tribulations of today’s current climate. In some cases, illness or disability can affect ones cognitive and motor skills, which means some people cannot simply pick up and read a book. This means people with illness or disabilities may often miss out on the escapism and joy that reading a book can provide. This is where audiobooks come to save the day!

Audiobook services such as Audible and Borrow Box, and charities like Listening Books are all helping those who cannot pick up or read a book to still to escape into a fantasy of their choice.

Audible is the most well-known audiobook streaming service in the UK, with thousands of audiobooks to browse. For more casual readers, you can opt to buy a book whenever you would like, but for more avid readers you can arrange a monthly subscription where you can get a certain amount of books for free every month starting from £7.99 per month. You can also connect your audible account to your Alexa device so you can listen to your favourite audio book without having to lift a finger! Audible also have a 30-day free-trial, which means you can try it out for free during quarantine – just remember to cancel your subscription if you do not want to continue after the 30 days. Go here to learn more:

Listening Books is a charity who provide high-quality audio books to 60,000 disabled people across the UK to help them access the same entertainment as able-bodied people. They are a unique service as they offer their audio books in three easily accessible formats: MP3 or CD through the post, or download/stream online. This means people from all generations can comfortably access this service. Listening Books has over 8,000 audiobooks available for all ages in both fiction and non-fiction. Listening Books is a charity, but receives no government funding, therefore, they ask for a small membership fee of £20 per year. That is just £1.67 per month! As Listening Books aims to ensure that entertainment and learning is accessible to everyone, they offer a free membership for those in need. Go here to learn more:

If you are a library lover, then this app is for you! Borrow Box essentially transforms your local library into an app that is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. All you need to do is register with your local library, download the app, input your location, and log in with your library ID number to borrow audiobooks and eBooks. Borrow Box is not only available on smartphones, but on iPads and tablets and Kindle Fire and is completely free! The service allows you to borrow up to three eBooks and three audiobooks at a time for 21 days. Go here to find out more:

Ask your Live-in carer to help you arrange an audiobooks service which suits you best, and start listening to your favourite books, or discover new adventures!

With live in carers, your parents can receive the at home care and attention they need while still enjoying the independence and dignity that comes along with being able to stay in their own home. To talk to us about arranging a domiciliary carer to be your helping hand at home call our friendly live-in care advisors today: 01264 319399 or email us at


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