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The History Of Access Care And What Service Does It Offer Today?

Access Care Live-in Care Hampshire Office Team

To think all that has happened and changed over the years is unreal, so much has happened and that’s only over the past (almost) 5 years I have been with Access Care, Hampshire. Where do I start?

Well, Access Care was founded in 1994 by Judie Tighe. Judie found a gap in the market when she witnessed her mother having great difficulties in finding a homecare solution for her father following a hospital admission. Judie worked hard and put her heart into creating Access Care to help others find a simple and easy way to arranging Live-in Care. Access Care were one of the first private Live in Care recruitment agencies in the country and today is one of the UK’s leading Live-in Care agencies.

Judie started Access Care at home in Hampshire, with a small team – most of them family members. Now, over 25 years on, Access Care is now run by Judie’s daughter – Tiggy Bradshaw. Tiggy first got involved in the family business when she was just a teen, helping schedule home carers, this was back when Access Care also provided domiciliary care – where carers would pop into client’s homes for 15, 30 or60 minutes at a time to help them with their needs. After years and many, many hours, Access Care decided they would leave the domiciliary business behind and focus on specialising in Live-in Care recruitment.

Tiggy has a handpicked team working for Access Care Management Ltd and we keep growing! We are now a team of 15, so much bigger than we were when I started 5 years ago. We now work from our new, very pink, live-in care recruitment office based in Goodworth Clatford in Hampshire. Although, we haven’t been able to enjoy it the past year – we are all looking forward to being back together as a team rather than getting together over Zoom!

Even though we are much bigger, we are still small enough to pay attention to the finer details in everything we do, and we are so very proud of it. Access Care does not aim to be a big franchise, we love that fact that we are small family business, and we don’t want to lose that.

The whole team beam with pride that we offer such a wonderful service to all our clients, carers and their families. Helping home carers find work across the UK (and beyond!) and helping introduce those that need care, their perfect living in carer. We work by match-making carers to the clients paying attention to every little detail along the way and taking in to account their needs and wishes. A lot has changed over the years including our brand image, our team, place of work and much more but we will never change the hard work and effort every single one of us puts in to helping others.

If you are interested in arranging Live-in Care and learning more about the service we can offer to you, please contact us for free advice and support by phone 01264 319399 or email

"Leading this energetic, talented, caring office team is an extraordinary privilege. Their dedication to our clients, their families and our carers is commendable and their excellent and genuine levels of customer service are second-to-none."

Tiggy Bradshaw, Managing Director of Access Care (Pictured left)


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