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The Best Things About Growing Old

The Best Things About Growing Old | Live-in Care Services

In the UK, nearly nine million people are over 70. As health care continues to improve, this percentage will only continue to grow. Phrases such as ’50 is the new 40’ and ’70 is the new 60’ are regularly used on birthday cards when people reach landmark birthdays. Today, many older adults look and feel at least 10 years younger than the age stated on their birth certificate! Thanks to scientists, doctors, nurses and domiciliary carers, older people are now living longer, healthier and more fun lives! We would like to provide you with a handful of the best things about growing old in the opinion of our team at Access Care live-in care agency! Experiencing New Things Nothing is holding you back from living an experience rich and full life just as you did in your younger years! Your favourite places such as tourist sites, pubs and exhibition halls are likely to be accessible even if you are not so steady on your feet. It is a requirement that all public places are accessible to people of all ages so you can carry on exploring whatever your physical abilities are. You may be surprised to discover that even historical sites like castles have lifts and walkways! You Are Strong, Confident And More Experienced You had to go through a lot to get where you are now! Age brings wisdom, and wisdom breeds confidence. You have learned from your past mistakes; consequently, you now know what you like and do not like. You have realised that quality is more important than quantity and comfort is a lot more important than style! Utilise your inner confidence from your past experiences and continue to do the things that bring you joy - that is just one of the benefits of growing old. Family If you have children, you may now have grandchildren. Grandchildren bring great joy, and you can enjoy their company without worrying about responsibilities that most parents have - that's the joy of being a grandparent. Pass on your wisdom, knowledge and stories to your grandchildren, and maybe even learn a few new things yourself! Try to be a role model for all of your younger family members. Remember those role models that you had when you were younger and emulate them. Set the standards. Show your family how to enjoy life and live it to the max!

. Friendship Younger people in today’s fast-paced society can struggle to form long-lasting friendships. If you have friends that you have known for most of your life, count yourself very lucky. Having long friendships are a great perk of growing older as you have shared numerous good times and not-so-good times together. You know each another inside and out. These friendships are very rewarding and only get stronger as time goes by. It is not too late to form new friendships too. If you would like to find new friends of a similar age, there are many of places to look, such as cruises, social evenings and groups. People of the same age may have shared similar experiences as yourself. You may find yourself chatting about something to someone that you haven’t spoken about for years!

Embracing Modern Technology Technology is improving at a terrific rate. Even some younger people do not fully understand most of the available technology nowadays! There is a huge contrast between what is available to young people today than what was available for older generations when they were young. Yet, this means that being older allows you to truly appreciate these new technologies and help you with everyday tasks as well as a fun time. Embrace iPads to video call family and friends, assistants like Alexa or Google Dot can help you remember what's on your shopping list or tell you the weather forecast, find new phone games, and other technologies to discover. Ask your live-in carer to help you buy the right technology products and set it up so you can enjoy it.

As you can see there are many positive elements to growing old - and if you need a helping hand, our livein carers are here to assist you. Call our friendly live-in care specialists on 01264 319399 or request a brochure here.


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