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How To Talk To Your Parents About Live-In Care

how to talk to my parents about live-in care

It’s not easy for people to come to terms that they now need care, and it can be quite difficult to bring up in a conversation. But, the benefits of having a live-in carer living with your relatives can outweigh the worry.

If you're not sure how to bring up the subject of live-in care with your family, we have given you some tips to try to help ease someone into the idea:


It is important to choose an appropriate time to talk about having care. A good time to have a conversation would be when there is no rush to go out, or a time scale. It is important to be able to discuss live-in care fully without interruptions. Also, it is important to pick the time depending on your parent’s mood - you do not want to discuss care with them if they are feeling nervous or sad about something. They can think differently if they are in a better, more positive mood and be more likely to be open to talking about arranging a live-in carer.

Discussing Options:

You may want a sibling or partner to sit down with you to discuss the option of live-in care. It can be comforting for you to have someone else to help explain live-in care to your family. It can help to inform everyone on the options and the next step.

It is important to suggest different options of care, but when the subject comes up do tell your parents why you think live-in care is their best option for them. You also want to make sure you listen to their opinions, understand and offer suggestions.

Be prepared:

Look at all the options available to you regarding live-in care. If you are confused or worried about finance, you can get in touch with the Care Funding Guidance on their Freephone number: 0800 055 6225 or email them on and they will be able to guide you.

By being prepared it can really help you answer any questions they may have and to be able to understand a little better yourself.

Talking to your parents about care isn’t something you should wait for. It could really be life changing for them and easier on the rest of your family. We can help guide you through the process of arranging live-in care for your relatives - call us today on 01264 319399 or email


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