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How To Talk To Your Elderly Parents About Live-in Care

How to talk to your elderly parents about live-in care

Having a conversation with your parent about home care choices can be a delicate matter, so our team wanted to share tips and hints on how to approach this subject and have a positive, relaxed chat!

It is important to be there for your parent and help them make the right elder care options so the whole family has peace of mind. Your elderly parent may already have ideas on the type of care they wish to receive, or could appreciate your input and research on the subject.

Starting the conversation about home care choices can feel a little uncomfortable - you don't want to make your parent feel like they're becoming a burden, or you don't want to take care of them. The subject should be approached with an understanding of the other person's feelings so you can achieve positive results! Don't be too forceful with your suggesting so your parent doesn't feel like they don't have many options, and don't be frustrated if this isn't the only conversation about elder care options you are going to have. Sometimes it takes a few chats to find a care option you're both happy with.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your conversation is relaxed and goes smoothly:

  • Have the conversation with your parent one-on-one - don't force them to talk about care in front of the whole family

  • Choose a nice setting to visit before (maybe their favourite afternoon tea spot?) so they feel nice and relaxed

  • Choose the right time - having a conversation about care amidst a hectic time won't work, choose a time when everyone involved is feeling calm

  • Be respectful of your parents wishes, and listen to any concerns they may have

  • Don't force your opinions on to your parent

  • Be ready to take a break if either of you need one

  • Be prepared with lots of information and research about different types of elderly care

Do You Need More Information About Elder Care Options?

Our team is happy to talk to you about all types of care, not just live-in care, to help you and your family find the right solution for you. If you're not familiar with elderly care options, our friendly advisors offer free no obligation consultations over the phone to explore your options and pick the right one for your parent.

Simply call us on 01264 319399 or email us on


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