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Summer Activities For Live-in Carers To Do With Their Clients

Live-in Carer with elderly client walking in the garden

If you are a live-in carer providing at home care who is looking for ideas on things to do with your client this summer, then this blog is a must read for you! Whether your client likes to stay indoors, or prefers to get out and about outdoors, there is always something to enjoy this summer.

We spoke to a few of our living-in carers to find out what their favourite activities to do with their clients are and compiled a list of the best ones below. We hope you enjoy!

Fishing: If you are a confident fisher, there's no reason why your shouldn't engage your client in the activity - enjoying new experiences together is really good for bonding with your client, and building a friendship. Many areas across the country now have wheelchair access too, but it's better to check before you head out.

Take a stroll around your clients area: If a walk is possible, your client might love getting out of the house for an afternoon to see new scenery and explore new things. Make sure to bring along a walker or wheelchair in case your client gets tired and needs to rest along the way, or requires help getting back to the house.

Have a picnic outdoors: Picnics are the perfect way of getting outside without too much walking. If you want to go for a walk you can plan this at the local park, or if your client isn't up for walking then you can have a picnic in your clients back garden. At the park, your client can socialise with other people, interact with animals, and see somewhere new. Make sure to go to an area with comfortable seating and lots of shade in case the weather is hot.

Have a treat: Most people have a favourite snack or place to eat that they enjoy. Why not use the opportunities and have a treat on a busy day? Going to a doctor's appointment? Why not stroll into the town after for an ice cream, or a coffee and pastry from their favourite place, or a lunch special from somewhere new. If the weather is nice, enjoy your treats in the sunshine of if your client would prefer to stay indoors put the kettle on, get out an old board game to play and just relax and have fun!

If you would like to register as a live-in carer to provide high quality domiciliary services with Access Care, please contact Lynnsey on - we would love to have a chat with you!


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