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Stroke Recovery Care

Elderly woman recovering from stroke with the help of a Live-in carer

A stroke will occur every five minutes in the UK alone, equalling to over 100,000 strokes every single year. Whilst recovering from a stroke, your loved one will need temporary care and support - it may be that they need more care even after the initial recovery stage if there have been lasting effects on the body.

Some elements of care and support your loved one will need whilst recovering from a stroke are:

  • Personal care

  • Medication prompts and delivery

  • Help with mobility

  • Cooking and cleaning

  • Looking after pets

  • Going shopping and picking up medication

There are different options to stroke recovery care, however we want to focus on care at home, specifically Live-in Care.

Most people would choose to stay in the comfort of their own home when recovering from a stroke. Being in familiar surroundings, keeping routines, and seeing loved ones as they wish can help keep moods high whilst recovering. Having a Livein Carer with you ensure continuity of care, someone there with you day and night, and a familiar face of a Carer who becomes a companion and a friend.

A Live in Carer will work with your doctor or nurse, and any other specialist helping you to recover, to ensure advice is followed and your loved one is taking the right steps to recovering from a stroke.

We are here to help you choose the right home care services for your loved one - call our team today on 01264 319 399 or email to talk about stroke recovery care at home.


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