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Staying Independent With Live-in Care

Live-in care helps keep elderly living in their own home and doing the things they love

"When I am older I want to spend my days living the fullest life I can. I want to be able to carry on doing the simple things I love like: taking my beloved dogs out for a walk, visiting my friends and my family, and taking a road trip to somewhere I have never been before, always exploring.

Only now has it crossed my mind that there may come a time in life where I may not be able to do the things I love anymore... What if I am no longer able to walk my dogs and go out for a long period of time?!

When I used to think about this, it made me a little worried for the future. Nobody wants to lose their independence. So I looked at my options and discovered the concept of live-in care - learning more about how live-in care can help people stay living in their own homes and lead an independently life put my mind at ease, and my attitude has changed.

After meeting the home carers provided by Access Care, I have noticed that they are all different – their personalities, experience and skills are all unique. The live-in carers have such compassion and really do want to give their clients their best life - and provide peace of mind not just for me, but for my whole family.

It has given me a sense of enlightenment to know that someone could be there for me to support me and to offer me companionship in a difficult time in my life. From cooking my favourite food, to helping me walk my dogs, and having someone to talk to about my memories - to even going on holidays and exploring the world with me. I'm no longer afraid I have to stop doing the things I love.

Now, if I find myself in a position where I would need live-in care, I will know that my friend will be there for me, they will be there to help me to enjoy life and keep doing the things I want to do and the things that I love to do."

With our full-time home care support, you will receive round-the-clock assistance tailored to meet your individual needs. Our dedicated live-in care team is committed to ensuring that you not only enjoy a high quality of life but also have the freedom to live as independently as possible alongside our living in carers, while retaining control and choice over your daily routines.

Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and friendly 24-hour live-in care, allowing you to feel supported and empowered every step of the way.

Please contact us today if you feel you or a loved one would benefit from live-in care. 01264 319 399 or email


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