Spot The Spring Flowers!

Access Care Spring Flower Competition

We're very excited to see the sun is making more of an appearance and the weather is slowly getting warmer - it's nearly time for spring! We have an exciting and fun competition for you to get involved in - read below for rules of the game and what flowers you can spot in the beginning of spring.

If you plan to go for a walk in your local park, take your camera or your smart phone and keep an eye out for any of the flowers below - if you spot them, ask your carer to help you snap a picture and send them to or share them on our Facebook page!

Alternatively, if you have planted any of these flowers in your garden, please also take a picture and send them to or post them to our Facebook page!

The flowers to look out for are below - if you're unsure of what they look like, click on the gallery to view!

  • Snowdrops

  • Crested Iris

  • Bluebells

  • Daffodils

  • Tulips

There will be a prize for the winner and entries will be uploaded onto our Facebook page to celebrate spring!

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