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A Day In The Life Of: Recruitment Administrator

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Hello! I’m Olivia, and I’m a Recruitment Administrator here at Access Care. My main role is to ensure our live-in carers paperwork is processed efficiently and thoroughly so we may introduce them to our clients. To then find them work as a private carer with their ideal client!

My typical day involves applying for references, validating training certificates, checking identification documents and the work history of the living-in Carers. We do all of this to ensure we really get to know them and to make sure, to the very best of our ability, that we present stringently vetted home Carers, The job is very paperwork heavy so attention to detail is everything. We scrutinise every document that passes over our desk so we can be sure we are registering the very best live-in carers for our clients to select from.

What does Olivia do to prepare for Live-in Carer Registration & Training days at Access Care?

We run Registration and Training Days for our live-in Carers every month and it definitely keeps me busy. The week before I…

  • Create name badges for everyone attending

  • Order food for everyone attending - buying cupcakes, biscuits and fruit for the carers to snack on during the day - we know how important it is to keep fuelled up as you learn!

  • I will call each live-in Carer to make sure they have everything they need for their travels here, if they need any help I try advising places to stay, train times etc.

  • I create the training and registration certificates for our home carers. I also create loyalty certificates which we give to carers that have been with us for a number of years during a special celebration presentation as a way to say thank you for all the hard work they do. The live-in Carers love this, as do we!

  • I create our home Carer Profiles too - which every client gets to select their carer from. they are like mini CVs but far more fun as they are packed with personality. We do this to make sure our clients really get a 'feel' for the carer they may wish to engage.

That's just some of what I do - I'm a busy bee all the time! It's a fun job and I certainly don't have time to get bored! I'm lucky to work with a great team in recruitment!

If you would like to Register with Access Care please contact Lynnsey, our Recruitment Manager, who will take you through the process and invite you to our next Registration Day! You can reach Lynnsey on 01264 319 399 or email


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