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New Year's Activities For People With Alzheimer's

Daughter with elderly mother in red festive jumpers smiling

If your elderly relative or loved one has Alzheimer's, here are some ideas you can try to make New Year's Eve a fun event for both of you!

Celebrate Your Favourite Decade

Why not think about your relatives favourite decade and make a themed party? Create decorations together, put on music or films from the decade, dress up in themed clothes, and make a favourite snack from that time!

Indulge In International Cuisine

Talking of food, why not try some international foods from New Year's Eve traditions? For example in Spain it is tradition to eat 12 grapes at midnight, in Denmark you eat steamed kale, and in Brazil lentils get eaten as a symbol of wealth and luck!

Have A Dance Party

Moving your body to favourite music makes us feel good - even if we have restricted mobility, having a gentle boogie in a chair whilst sitting down can put a smile on your loved ones face.

Create A Time Capsule

Ask the family to bring along something important to represent the past year and create a memory box - use a show box, or a dedicated wooden box, and place all items of the year into it. Add notes, letters, cards - seal, and open the time capsule next year!

Play Classic Games

Keep the games nice, simple, and classic such as Bingo, Dominos, Snakes & Ladders - get the whole family involved and organise a small trophy for the winner of most of the games!

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