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MS Training & Courses

Live-in carer with an elderly woman in a wheelchair

This article has been written to provide guidance on MS Training and Courses to Live-in Carers that work in the UK.


Multiple sclerosis is a lifelong condition that affects the brain and nerves and the main symptoms includes causes tiredness, vision problems and problems with walking or balance. People severely affected by MS are usually very restricted in how much they can move around and they’ve got many symptoms, at the same time. These are complicated to deal with and aren’t going to go away.

Because of the complex nature of MS and the wide range of symptoms and problems faced by patients with the disease, comprehensive domiciliary care training is required to provide the support needed for effective disease management.

Why do you need to get trained?

Caring for someone with multiple sclerosis can be physically demanding and could mentally and emotionally affect you. However, with training you can meet the challenges and help your client and manage the stress and symptoms of the disease.

A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can be distressing for the person and terrifying for family and friends. It can be difficult to predict elderly at home care needs as this illness can be unpredictable and people suffering from it may have severe mood swings and may become depressed.

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis will improve your understanding and awareness of MS so that you will be able to deliver optimal home care and support for people living with MS.

Learning Objectives

Most courses will start with understanding the needs and special considerations of MS.

There are different types of MS which affects everyone differently but most of the courses available have similar learning objectives:

  • Types and basic facts about MS

  • Identify MS symptoms that affect movement and activity level

  • Exercise and movement to accommodate the functional issues and concerns presented by a person with MS

  • How interact more comfortably with people with disabilities

  • Safety and accessibility issues important to people with MS

There are different focus points in the courses depending on the level of the course and whether you are a health professional or live in carer. Choosing the course to the level of care that will be provided is critical to your learning and application of our knowledge into practice.

Courses Available in the UK

There are several MS bodies and associations that provides guidance on MS support and care. They will be in the best position to recommend training courses for at home carers and provide support while providing care to someone with MS. Some of the most pertinent MS organisation that will be able to provide professional assistance and guidance on MS are listed below:


The MS Society estimate that there are around 130 000 people aged between 40and 74 years of age living with MS in the UK. Understanding the illness, especially when it is progressing to an advance disability, will make a significant difference in the care of a person with MS.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”― Aristotle

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