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Live-in Carers: How To Prepare For Your Client During The Pandemic

Live In Carer Arriving At Clients Home For Christmas

The UK Government announced a nationwide lockdown from the 5th of November 2nd December. Under the lockdown guidelines it states that people are still allowed to travel for essential reasons and luckily to provide care for another individual is classed as one of those essential reasons.

It is important that if you are going to travel to provide essential care to another individual that you make the proper preparations. These preparations help to ensure you and the person you are going to care for stay safe. Below are our recommendations on how to prepare to go to your client during this lockdown period.

  1. Self-isolation before your booking. Even though the lockdown restrictions prevent us from mixing with other households (except in essential circumstances) we are still allowed to leave the house for food, medical reasons, and exercise. To make sure you keep yourself as safe as possible, why not arrange your weekly food shop to be delivered to your house instead of going to the shops or if you have a prescription you can organise your prescription to be delivered to your door. If you are an active person and you are going outside for a jog or any other physical activity, make sure you do not touch any outdoor furniture such as lampposts, public benches, bins, or any other furniture that may be frequently touched by the public. If you must, please make sure you carry hand sanitiser with you and sanitise your hands after you touch it.

  2. When planning your travel, try and avoid public transport. If possible, try driving to your client or taking a private taxi. If this cannot be done and you must use public transport, wear appropriate PPE e.g. a mask and gloves and bring antibacterial wipes to wipe down seats and tables along with a small carrier bag to use as a bin. If you are getting the train and have a smart phone, then you can download the Trainline app. The Trainline app offers digital tickets, which eliminates the need to collect your pre-booked tickets from a ticket machine at the station. Once on your chosen mode of public transport whether that be a train or bus, try and sit in the least populated carriage/ section of the bus and wipe the seat, arm rests, and any table trays before sitting down.

  3. Ask your client or your client’s family before your booking if they would like you to take any extra precautions. If possible, it’s always good to contact your client or their family before your booking to ask if they would like you to take any extra precautions before you arrive. Examples of extra precautions you can take are as follows. You could ask them what PPE they would like you to bring. You can ask if they would like you to take a covid test and produce a negative result before you arrive. You could ask if they would like you to have a shower and change the clothes you have travelled in upon your arrival. You can ask if they would like you to wear a facemask around the client for the first 2 weeks of your booking.

Following these steps could make your client and their family feel more comfortable about your arrival. If you are a client or a family member of a client, you could ask the domiciliary carer who is due to arrive if they could take any of the above precautions. It is important that you feel comfortable with the person coming into your or your family members’ home.

The role of a live in carer involves providing 24 hour care and support to those who are unable to look after themselves due to various physical or mental health conditions. From helping with daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning, to providing much-needed respite care for family members, live in carers play a vital role in ensuring that those in need receive the essential home care they require. While it can certainly be a challenging job, the sense of reward that comes from knowing you are making a real difference to someone's life is truly priceless.

If you would like to register as a self-employed Live-in Carer with Access Care, call us on 01264 319399 or visit:


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