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Who Do You Provide Care For As A Live-in Carer?

Who do live-in carers care for?  Home Care For The Elderly

Deciding to start a career as a Live-in carer often begins close to home. Lots of our live-in carers have experience in caring for a family member/friend, triggering a desire to offer others the same attention in their time of need.

A part of our Live-in carer Registration Days are spent discussing our carer’s interests, availability and specialism, but often we don’t get to talk about the huge range of clients we provide care for.

So, who are our clients?

As a Live-In care agency, we are often associated with one area of specialism - elderly, respite and palliative care.

In actual fact we provide care for a wide variety of conditions and adults in need. With such a wide range of Live-In carers with experience and specialism in so many different areas, we are able to offer that same range of specialism to our clients and therefore can often assist with cases other  domiciliary care agencies have been unable to cover and create a bespoke service to make staying in the home possible.

From individuals, couples, clients living with family, those who have pets and of course, those with particular conditions, we are able to match all types of live-in carers to all types of clients.

Some of the conditions we provide live-in care for are:

- Dementia

- Alzheimer's

- Parkinson's

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Stroke

- Cerebral Palsy

- Learning and Physical Disabilities

- Spinal Cord Injury

But we're not limited to the above - we help everyone who needs our help in arranging Live-in care for themselves or a loved one.

Live-in care gives our clients the freedom to tailor their requirements to suit all conditions, and the carers the opportunity to apply their experience to care for those clients and give them the best quality of life.

If you would like to register as a carer with Access Care, please click here.

Alternatively if you are looking to arrange Live-in care for yourself or for a family member - click here to contact us.


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