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Live-In Care & Looking After Pets

Hello! I’m Jess, the Bookings Manager at Access Care. As a dog owner myself, I understand the joy that pets can bring to a household. As we get older, or become immobile for whatever reason, however, we may lose the capacity to care for those pets.

So, what do you do in that situation? Would you ask them to part with that beloved companion?

Elderly couple with pet golden retriever

At Access Care we understand how a pet can be part of your family, and as such, we make sure we have a selection of Live in Carers who are happy to care for them as the client themselves would if they could! Many Live-in Care Agencies have the same idea, so what should you expect from a Live-in care job with a pet? Here is a rundown of the different types of situation where you may come across pets at your client’s home.

Pets In The Home

If the job specifies that the client has pets, this most likely means the pet is living in the house where you will be working. In this situation your responsibilities will vary. Sometimes, you might be required to walk and feed pets, clean out litter trays and cages, and even attend Vet appointments if your client cannot. Other times, clients may already have something in place to ensure that their pet is cared for. If you are unsure of the situation, the best thing to do is ask your agency for more details.

Visiting Pets

Sometimes it will be apparent in the job description that there are visiting pets. This means a relative or friend might bring their pet with them to meet with the client on occasion - often clients cannot have a pet of their own, and these furry visitors can really brighten their day.

Bringing Your Own Pets

Do you have pets you might like to bring with you on Live-In Care jobs? In some cases, clients would love their home carer to bring their own beloved dog or cat with them, if they do not have the means to have one themselves. If they are well behaved, and will not affect your focus on the client, bringing a pet can be an added benefit to the client’s wellbeing, as pets have been proven to lower blood pressure, increase the happy hormone and of course, get you out in the fresh air.

In conclusion, there are a range of situations in which you may come across pets when working as a Live-in Carer in the UK, and the expectations will be different for each. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with it, so make sure you have all the facts before selecting a job of this nature.

Not sure about pets but want to give it a try? Don’t worry - every pet is different, just ask your agency and they will be able to find out details such as the age of the pet, nature of the pet, and of course size!

Best wishes


Bookings Manager


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