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Keep The Elderly Warm During Cold Spells

How to keep elderly warm during severe cold spell

With the news of the Siberian cold storm labelled 'The Beast From The East' which is due to bring icy-cold weather to the UK this week, we wanted to share our tips on how to help the elderly keep snuggly, warm and healthy throughout severe cold spells such as this. Cold weather can cause serious illness and complications - but by taking a few simple precautions we can help you to keep your loved ones safe. If you are worried about them at all please talk to us about arranging a qualified and carefully vetted Live-in Carer to live with them in their own home providing in home care services, such as cooking delicious, nutritious warm meals, ensuring they are washed and dressed appropriately for the weather, reminding them to take their medication should they need to and doing their laundry and housework. Please read on for our top tips to staying cosy and warm this week!

- Ensure your relative has had their free seasonal flu jab to help prevent illness: the flu is unpleasant and can cause more serious complications. Once in place Live-in Carers are more than happy to help and arrange an appointment and indeed accompany to the GP surgery.

- Stock up on over-the-counter cough and cold medicines in case your relative feels a cold coming on.

- Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables to help keep your body healthy is even more important in the cold weather. One of the main benefits of having a 'live-in carer' is the nutritionally home-cooked meals they can ensure your loved ones are getting each and every day.

- Eating and drinking hot things throughout the cold spell to keep warm - how about a hot chocolate or a nice cup of tea?

- Stock up on tinned food and foods with a longer shelf-life in case there is a snow storm and you get snowed in, and also to prevent you from having to go out in the cold weather.

- Dress appropriately for the weather. Include layers, warm fabrics, and if you need to accessories like gloves and scarves. Don't forget a hot water bottle too! Live-in Carers are trained to ensure their client's are dressed appropriately for all occasions and weathers - just another great benefit of live-in care.

- Heat your home effectively. Set the timer to put on heating an hour before you get up and turn it down an hour after you fall asleep. The best temperature to have is 21c.

- Keep the heat in: seal any gaps which may be causing a draft; draw curtains to help keep heat inside the house; make sure the radiators are not obstructed by furniture or thick curtains. Ask you carer to help you ensure your house is warm and sealed.

If you or your relative could benefit from arranging live-in care during a cold spell or for a longer period of time, we would love to to talk to you: please call us on 01264 319 399 or email

We can help you arrange a carer to arrive and care for you/your parents in just 24-48hrs!


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